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Project and description Maintenance status (according to D.O) Latest versions
allows users manage and display lists of scholarly publications. Features include: Import formats: PubMed, BibTex, RIS, MARC, EndNote tagged and XML; export formats: BibTex, EndNote tagged and XML; output styles: AMA, APA, Chicago, CSE, IEEE, MLA, Vancouver.
Under active development 7.x-1.0-rc7
HILCC Taxonomy Autotag
tags Biblio, Millennium and CCK nodes with call numbers with a subject from a hierarchic listing based on HILCC.
Actively maintained
allows users to manage the availability of nodes as assets. You can create custom content types using CCK and then add those content types to the library. The module supports multiple copies of a library item associated with one node, and each copy may be individually made available or unavailable.
Seeking co-maintainer(s) 6.x-2.x-dev
Link Resolver
OpenURL resolver. Provides Drupal with a local mechanism to add and maintain institutional link resolver data (institution name, resolver url, etc). Data can be added manually but is also "automagically" captured via the WorldCat OpenURL Gateway IP lookup service as users visit your site, imported en masse via CSV (a default list is included in the module) or added via a WorldCat Registry Institutional ID lookup.
Studyroom is a family of modules to create an online system by which users can reserve administrator-defined spaces of an organization for set periods of time. Users can create, edit, and delete their own reservations, as well as peruse a gallery of all spaces that can be reserved at a given location(s) and view calendars of all reservations.
Actively maintained 7.x-1.1

3rd party/ILS integration:

Project and description Maintenance status (according to D.O) Latest versions
Islandora (Fedora-Drupal)
Allows users to use Drupal to ingest, manage, and display objects stored in Fedora Commons.
Actively maintained 7.x-1.9
provides true integration of your library catalog system with the power of the Drupal content management system while allowing users to tag, rate, and review your holdings. User input is then incorporated into the discovery index so that SOPAC becomes a truly community-driven catalog system.
unknown 6.x-2.1-rc2
integrates Drupal with III/Millennium WebOPACs (library catalogs): you can import bibliographic records, or embed records in a node using the input filter. Imported nodes can have taxonomy terms created from the original record, a real-time holdings display, Google Books links and embedded preview, and more.
Actively maintained 5.x-2.0, 6.x-2.0
XC Drupal Toolkit
manages the content and functionality library websites in one easy package with Drupal. This toolkit integrates searchable library metadata, ILS circulation services and library website content into a feature‐rich web user interface.
Actively maintained 6.x-1.1-alpha9
Google Books
The Google Books module is a filter module and an API for the Google Books, that allows a user to insert rich Google book data into nodes via filters with data retrieved from the domain.
The user of this filter module will be able to easily insert:
book data from Google into pages using Drupal filters, There are options to include / exclude any data fields, a book cover image when it exists and for books with a full or partial preview, the Google Books reader for the volume. The Google Book search can be done with many types of search strings.
Actively maintained 7.x-1.0
Used to create listing pages and blocks of bestsellers and popular books, dvds, music, etc. from both the New York Times API and Amazon RSS feeds. Deep links are provided to view items within a Polaris ILS catalog and to purchase items on and a library catalog.
Actively maintained 7.x-1.x
eBooks Search
Meant to assist visitors to library websites that have integrations with various eBook vendors such as 3M and Overdrive. Instead of having your library customers leave your Drupal site and go out to individually search the vendor sites for the eBooks they're looking for, this module allows the search to be conducted from within the context of the Drupal site.
Actively maintained 7.x-1.x
Evanced Registration
The Evanced Registration module is used to allow users to register for events on your Evanced event site without leaving the context of your Drupal site.
Actively maintained 7.x-1.x
Used to display answers from your SpringShare LibAnswers instance ( within the context of your site.
The module provides an "Ask a Librarian" page that appears at the url /ask-us.
Blocks are also provided to embed answers and to embed the LibAnswers chat widget in your site.
Actively maintained 7.x-1.x
Polaris Auto Register
The Polaris Auto Register module is a library-related module that can be used by libraries using the Polaris ILS (with API access) to allow customers/patrons to register for library cards online.
Actively maintained 7.x-1.x
Makes it easy to post information about books. Any 10 or 13-digit ISBN placed between double curly braces {{}} in a post will convert into the book cover, title, author and publication info. All data comes from the Open Library Project, an open source catalog that allows users to add books and edit metadata. If there is no cover available for the book you want to post, go on the Open Library and add one!
6 6.x-1.2-beta1
helps provide users with remote access to Web-based licensed content offered by libraries. It is middleware that authenticates library users against local authentication systems and provides remote access to licensed content based on the user’s authorization.
6.x-2.1, 7.x-2.1
implements the Z39.50 and SRU protocols for Information Retrieval using the PHP bindings for the YAZ toolkit. With this module you can easily search or scan Z39.50 or SRU servers in parallel using the standard Drupal search API and present the results.
provides a connection between the tagging of Drupal content and items in a library's catalog. LibraryThing for Libraries allows libraries to set up accounts and upload information about their catalog. LibraryThing enables the tagging of items in a library's catalog. When a library patron views an item in the online catalog, LibraryThing for Libraries can present an iframe with related content via tags. This module uses a LibraryThing for Libraries script to gather a list of items in a library catalog related to a given Drupal node, for display in a block on a single node page.
Unknown 6.x-1.0
Exposes metadata from the biblio module as an OAI-PMH repository.
Unknown 5.x-1.3, 6.x-1.2
Lets you expose CCK content as an OAI-PMH repository that can then be accessible by OAI harvesters.
Unknown 6.x-1.0-beta1, 5.x-1.0
Feeds OAI-PMH Fetcher and Parser
Fetches and parses OAI_DC (Dublin core) metadata records from OAI-PMH services. It depends on the Feeds module.
Actively maintained 6.x-1.x-dev
Allows you to import MARC records as nodes, to do things like pre-populating book review sites or even recreating your library's catalog in a rich social environment.
Unknown 6.x-1.1, 6.x-2.0-beta3
Article Discovery
Allows Serials Solutions Summon customers to search and retrieve citations via the Summon API.
Active 7.x, 6.x
PMB Drupal
Integrates Drupal with PMB-ILS through PMB API: you can search, browse and view records from the library catalogue, but also from the OAI aggregator build-into PMB ILS (called "external search"). Users account are synchronized, users may view account information, check current loans, and add comments to records.
This module is developed by the developers of PMB-ILS.
Actively maintained, Under active development 0.9 (Drupal 6.x)
PMB Connector
Integrates Drupal with PMB-ILS through PMB API: you can search, browse and view records from the library catalogue, but also from the OAI aggregator build-into PMB ILS (called "external search"). Users account are synchronized, users may view account information, check current loans, and add comments to records.
This module is based on PMB Drupal.
Actively maintained, Under active development 7.x-1.0-alpha2, 6.x-1.0-alpha2
Drupal OPAC
This module enables libraries to integrate their catalog into Drupal allowing importing records, make advanced searches with faceted results, circulation task etc ... This module is intended to work with any ILS by using connectors. Everyone can make its own by creating a php file.
Actively maintained, Under active development 7.x-1.x-dev
EZProxy Stanza
This module helps you manage your EZProxy configuration files, and keeps your stanzas up to date with OCLC's stanzas.
Actively maintained, Under active development 8.x-1.x-beta2

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