2013-12-10 - Lehigh Valley Drupal Meetup Notes

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  • Attendees
    • Colin
    • Sandy
    • Nick
      • Started the Baltimore Drupal Meetup
      • Living in Reading now
      • Simple Information
      • General Drupal consultant shop
      • 2005 - 4.7
    • Nate
      • Organize the group
      • Started in Higher Ed
        • Worked through different colleges, moved around
        • Currently working for Acquia
        • Architecting new sites
      • Came into the scene around Drupal 5
    • Josh
      • Work in Allentown at Olympus
      • Planning to get into more projects and get up to speed
      • Side work: Take on work and projects
      • After working in the custom php world it's a no brainer to use
  • "Lightning" Discussion topics
  • Open Discussion
    • DrupalCamp NJ
    • Drupal Community Entry
    • IRC
      • Maybe we should just hang out in the Philly channel
    • Sprints
      • Colin would like to see sprint-type meetups worked in with our
        presentation- and social-type meetups
      • Will need to have an initial session to help people setup their
        development environments
  • Nick
    • Has presentations that he can give
  • Hackerspaces