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2010-01-17 19:00 - 20:30 Asia/Jerusalem
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User group meeting

Introducing Drupal to non programmers as well,

a) Intro to Drupal and community by Israel David ~15 mins
b) Singing Communities Site presentation, User point of view and administrator point of view - by Amir Simantov ~ 20mins
c) On Linux - Ubuntu, OpenOffice and Firefox by Sivan Green ~15 mins
d) Our experience with Drupal by Yoni and Michael from YAM-Designs ~20mins
e) Q&A's ...

This meetup - hopefully first in a series - is to give students, staff and interested Yerushalmim, an introduction to the Open source/ Drupal community and the means at their disposal.

This meetup will have replicatesin another college, university and high school to initiate local Drupal communities.
You can participate in presenting and/or organizing a meetup in your city.
The Linux community is assisting by providing the hall/classroom.

Many thanks to the Jerusalem Linux Club.

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