Drupal Moldova Meetup #8

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2014-11-27 19:00 - 21:00 Europe/Chisinau
Event type: 
User group meeting

Drupal Moldova Association invites the local Drupal Community to our next Drupal Meet-up. Seize the opportunity to find out new Drupal stuff from three of our finest community members:

Alexei Gorobets -- “Headless Drupal - Embrace Decapitation”
- Introduction to Headless Drupal
- Where we are with Headless Drupal as a community
- Use cases (Pros / Cons)
- Demo

Vladimir Melnic -- “Migrating Drupal From a Server to Another Using Wrappy”
- Import project from sources
- Import project from existing server
- Migrate project from one server (droplet, instance) to another

Sergiu Nagailic -- “RDFa & Schema.org - Oh, The Mistakes I’ve Done”
- How do we build custom content in Drupal.
- What is RDF( a ) / Schema.org and how we use it within Drupal
- My experience and the mistakes that I made

Where: Orange Monin Wi-Fi Cafe (str. Stefan cel Mare 130, Chisinau)
When: November 27 (Thursday), 19:00