OASIS DITA TC: RFP for dita.xml.org site (currently Drupal-based)

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the OASIS DITA technical committees have published a RFP for their official website "to put more DITA in dita.xml.org". The site is currently powered by Drupal (6?).

"The Drupal implementation for dita.xml.org has been a long-standing source of pain, and we want to redo the site in early 2015," they write. Shouldn't that be a challenge for the Drupal community and/or some of the larger Drupal companies to prove them wrong?

IMHO Drupal and DITA could be a good fit and this might be a chance to prove it with a real good showcase.

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This is a re-post of https://groups.drupal.org/node/450573 from the Drupal Documentation group.

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