Seeking (local, I hope) freelancer to port part of ColdFusion site to Drupal

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This is cross-posted to the Paid Drupal Services forum on, but I am posting it here because I would love to find someone in Nashville to do this.

My non-profit organization here in Nashville has a ColdFusion site with a MS Sql database, one table of which is judicial decisions. The table has about 4700 records. There is a search form for those decisions available to paying customers. I am looking to port this part of the site to Drupal, including the search engine, and use the Commerce module and any other relevant modules to accept payment and limit access to the site to subscribers. The rest of the CF site will probably follow at some point, so there is the potential for further work if we can find the $$.

So I am seeking a freelancer with a good grasp on databases (or at least the Migrate module) and who can design a way to pull the data out in the same way it's being done on the CF site. The successful candidate would add a site to our current multi-site installation (design/theming is not important at this time), migrate the data, design the search form and install the relevant commerce modules.

Budget for this project is $2,500-$3,000, and I would like to see it complete within 3-6 months.

Please contact me at tracey at fairhousing dot com if you are interested in submitting a proposal. Please include some description of your proposed approach to the search engine. The more you can rely on existing modules and less on custom ones the better, because my staff will have to maintain the site.