The way forward for DrupalNigeria

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Today I make a pledge to post at least one new thing about Drupal Daily -#drupalpledge. What is your pledge for the remaining months

For some days now i've been eating, drinking, sleeping,dreaming, learning, editing, coding, shouting @ Drupal. I have travelled the

World Wide Web consuming all content related to drupal and its so OVERWHELMING.

I thought these information will help keep the spirit of Drupal alive in our hearts as we await the release of D8 (which happens to be

the best CMS thus far and for once its MOBILE friendly first) and also await the DrupalNigeria Conference in November 20-21st ...



Keep tags on what's happening in Drupal worldwide -

Following recent/updated news on what's the gist around Drupal -

Contribute whatsoever financial aid to push the release of D8 ( I am proposing that we help raise between $500-$1000 as a community )

Getting involved searching for loopholes in D8 - (I'm participating in this one...cos some part of my life depends on the security of Drupal)

One more motivation to push DrupalNigeria forward: (I read this and I said to myself, this is an opportunity to empower any one to become successful on the Web eco-system using Drupal as a toolbox)

By the way, so much is happening in the drupal world that i'm tempted to open an IRC for DrupalNigeria. #stillpondering

Warning:You don't need to be a guru to be involved in Drupal, you just have to take Drupal like breathing to see its endless