2015 PNWDS - Session submissions close 9/4

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2015 PNW Drupal Summit - Seattle - Oct 10-11

Submit that session! Submission will close on Friday 9/4.

We all need a little deadline pressure to get things done so don't miss the opportunity to share your knowledge with your local Drupal community.

You will need an account to submit a session. You can use your one from 2014 or create a new one here: http://2015.pnwdrupalsummit.org/user

If you have problems logging in, contact us and we'll help you out:

On September 9th, Hotel Deca reclaims all rooms that have not been booked for group code Drupal2015. See hotel reservation information here:

Be sure to register for your ticket

Proposed sessions: http://2015.pnwdrupalsummit.org/2015/sessions/Proposed

Keep an eye on the timeline http://2015.pnwdrupalsummit.org/2015/schedule-overview