2015 Pacific NW Drupal Summit session slides are available

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SATURDAY SESSIONS October 10, 2015
• Build awesome search pages with Solr
• CRM Integration at Scale: Finding the sweet spot
• Ctools plugins and you
• Drupal 8 Kickstart for Developers (UPDATED)
• Drupal Development Pipeline
• Drupal SSO Using SAML
• Fundraising with Drupal
• How to audit Drupal Sites for performance, content and best practices (topic links)
• Juggling clients, developers, and deliverables: Managing a Drupal program within an R+D organization (UPDATED)
• Large Scale Drupal at the University of Oregon
• Making the Leap: Successful Products as a Web Agency
• Ode to Our Forgotten Users: Drupal and the content authoring experience (updated)
• Oh #$%#! Risk & Expectation Management
• Running a Distributed Drupal Shop
• Site Security in Drupal 8
• Surviving the Javascript apocalypse
_Implementing Component Driven Design or Making Chunks not Blobs
_Keys keys everywhere, but what are we doing with them?!
_Multilingual Module Madness! - Which i18n modules do you really need?
_Using component driven design to improve the website building development process and project timeline

SUNDAY SESSIONS October 11, 2015
• Communications: Man vs. Machine
• Developers with Super Powers: Becoming Cross-Functional
• DIY Drupal 7 Performance
• Frontend Refactoring
• Get Happy With FAPI
• Overcoming Command Line Allergies
• Quality-oriented Drupal DevOps
• Raiders of the lost data model
• Streamlining theme development with Omega, LibSass and Gulp
_AJAX - Cleaning up Drupal Commerce and beyond
_Building a new Drupal-based SaaS product - tales from the front lines
_Business case for decoupled Drupal
_Drupal 8 and React Native
_Headless Drupal: A static take (topic links)
_Inventing The Container
_Out-of-the-box Layout for Site Builders and Themers