5-Day Drupal 8 Training in Calgary

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2016-05-30 09:30 - 2016-06-03 16:30 America/Edmonton
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Training (free or commercial)

Go from zero to hero in five days. Learn how to build a website with Drupal from top to bottom. This training is broken up into two parts. Day 1-2, we'll cover site building topics. Day 3-5 we'll get under the hood and cover theming and module development, which requires some programming background. If you'd like, you can sign up for just Part 1 or Part 2

Part 1 - Drupal Site Building

The Drupal content management system is known for its flexibility. Drupal can be used for many types of websites, from media portals to e-commerce sites, to community forums. The course will cover content management, site configuration, creating custom content types and advice for building sites without custom development. This training is a great introduction to Drupal for any experience level.

Day 1

  • Drupal terminology and fundamentals

  • Content management basics

  • Structuring content with Drupal

  • Menus and taxonomy

  • Users and permissions

  • Downloading and configuring modules

  • Using Views to organize your content

Day 2

  • Advanced Views

  • Displaying media

  • Setting up user interaction

  • Changing the layout through configuration

  • Multilingual Drupal

  • Setting up administrative tools

  • Pre-launch site configuration checklist

Part 2 - Drupal Theming and Module Development

Learn how to customize Drupal by creating themes and modules. You'll learn techniques for customizing the look of a Drupal site using a theme. You'll also learn how to create custom functionality or modify existing functionality by writing modules. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, and some programming background is required.

Day 3

  • Creating a Drupal theme from scratch

  • Adding CSS to Drupal

  • Customizing templates

  • Setting up new regions

  • Using theme functions

  • Creating a sub theme

Day 4

  • Creating a Drupal 8 Module

  • Drupal Coding Standards

  • Using Drush

  • Creating Pages Programatically

  • Custom Forms

  • Database Integration

  • Permissions

Day 5

  • Field Types, Formatters

  • Creating Blocks Programatically

  • Creating Administrative Forms

  • Views Integration

  • Patching Modules

For a full course outline, see the training description on our website.


What's provided? Lunch, snacks, swag, and a training manual. Lots of one-on-one help as you go through the course.

Should I bring a laptop? Yes, please bring a laptop for the course.

Can I pay with a cheque? Yes, just contact us and we can issue you an invoice for the training.

What are the pre-requisites? No technical background is required for Part 1. For Part 2, you should have some programming experience.