Drupal Cafe #13

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2016-12-10 10:00 - 15:00 Asia/Omsk
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User group meeting

The 13th Drupal Cafe which is traditionally organized by ADCI Solutions will take place on December, 10.

Drupal Cafes are regular meetings for Omsk programmers devoted to Omsk Drupal-community development, informal communication among experts and knowledge exchange. This event will be useful not only for skilled Drupal-developers but also for those who want to start working with Drupal. This time the event will be held for the 13th time and will coincide with a birthday of Ada Lovelace known as the world's first computer programmer. For our guests we have prepared a special contest for this occasion.

When: December 10th
Where: ADCI Events Hub, Dumskaya, 7, 5th floor
Time: 10:00


Sergey Konstantinov “What a nice tool this Capistrano is“
Artem Zenkovets and Artem Chugainov “Web Front-End Technologies and Trends in 2016. А real case of an app using React frontend and Drupal backend”
Marina Kardopolova “Cache in Drupal 8”
Artem Zenkovets и Lera Tkacheva “From Siberia to the DrupalCon with love”
Alexander Lopatuk “What a designer should do in order to make developers' life easier”

Stay tuned with updates about presentations and speakers here https://vk.com/drupalomsk13
Participation in the event is free, but you should register here


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