Front-end Drupal Developer at DSHS in Olympia

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Hi Everyone,

I was contacted by a former client who is now at the DSHS in Olympia. They are looking for a front-end Drupal developer for a 6 month contract. I am just passing this along and don't know much more than this.

Ideally they would to hire someone as opposed to sign a contract with a vendor and are open to freelancers. He said the person wouldn’t have to be in the office in Olympia 100% of the time, but would like to see someone down there 1-3x a week.

Here’s a description of the position.

Front-end Drupal Developer (ITS/AS6)
- 6 month contract (start ASAP)
- $35.03/hr ($6,095/month) (WGS range 72)

Job Description
The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services is looking for a front-end Drupal Developer to join the Web Services Team to provide support the DSHS public website, as well as build two new websites that will live under the DSHS brand. This position requires a combination of PHP, HTML, CSS, and JS programming skills, and understanding of on screen aesthetic elements, color and font choices, etc. The best candidates have expert understanding of Drupal, and experience with responsive and adaptive design. In addition, an understanding of the entire web development process including design, development and deployment, with some back-end knowledge, is preferred.

Skills and Qualifications
- Experience building user interfaces for Drupal based websites and/or web applications
- Extremely fluent with HTML5/XHTML and CSS
- Experience working with PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery
- Ability to write JavaScript with and without the use of frameworks such as jQuery
- Experience designing and developing responsive design websites
- Comfortable working with debugging tools like Firebug, Chrome inspector, etc.
- Ability to understand CSS changes to have consistent style across platforms and browsers
- Ability to convert comprehensive layout and wireframes into working HTML pages

If you are interested, contact: Brad Smith at

Services and Enterprise Support Administration
Washington State Department of Social and Health Services


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