Drupal Global Training Day #5

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2017-09-09 10:30 - 17:00 Asia/Omsk
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Training (free or commercial)

We have been working with Drupal for 10 years already. Therefore Drupal became a significant part of our lives. We know how to code with pleasure and we’ll gladly teach you.

GTD is a great opportunity to share our knowledge, experience and secrets about Drupal. And grow the community, too! That is why we organize Drupal GTD in Omsk.

This time we have a new format of the event: it contains theoretical and practical sessions. You’ll not only get new knowledge - you’ll be able to apply it immediately.

What you will learn at GTD theoretical sessions:
- what is Drupal as a content management system and why it is cool;
- Drupal basics (development environment, taxonomy, must-have modules);
- frontend & backend in Drupal;
- how to apply to a magical drop in different technologies.

What you will try to do at GTD practical session:
- build your first Drupal website;
- code a simple module.

Become a part of Drupal community here: https://drupal-omsk.timepad.ru/


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