Content locking

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Question: How does content locking work in MySite?

When the administrator sets up Default Content for all MySite collections, each individual content element can be 'locked.'

An element is locked by:

-- Adding the element (say, all posts tagged 'foo') to the default collection.
-- Configuring the element (click the configure link) for the default collection.
-- Checking the 'Lock item' box, labeled 'Check this option to display this content to all users at all times.'

Doing so has the following effects.

-- When a user loads their MySite page, the 'locked' content is loaded as well.
-- The locked content inherits its page location and sort position from the default content settings.

It is this second rule that makes the behavior of locked content less than optimal. The admin may intend for a content element to always appear in the upper right position of a two-column layout. However, if the user selects a one- or three-column layout, the content element will be repositioned, and not necessarily where the admin intended.