Drupal Camp Vancouver 2008 - May 9-10

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Attention all Drupal Enthusiasts - Vancouver Drupal Camp is May 9-10


A group of volunteers is assembling the masses for the inaugural Vancouver Drupal Camp on May 9 and 10th (Friday & Saturday) 2008. The event will feature multiple tracks of peer-taught edu-tainment at two downtown Vangroovy locations.

Certainly Vancouver has hosted many meet-ups, camps, conferences, and un-conferences around open source software topics but Vancouver Drupal Camp will be specific to the Drupal open source content management system and the first of its kind in BC. Participation is encouraged from all and many levels of ability and interests will be addressed in the inter-disciplinary schedule.


Date: May 9-10, 2008
Where: Friday sessions at SFU Wosk Centre for Dialouge (Hasting and Seymour) ~ Saturday sessions at Workspace (21 Water St., Gastown)
Who:You and about 80 other people (first come, first served - stay tuned for registration mid-April)
How Much: about $20 ... probably* - that'll get you 2 lunches and a eco-friendly t-shirt (*subject to change)


More sponsor info here: {http://groups.drupal.org/node/10035}

Thanks for asking how you can make this event affordable for attendees while sharing your brand and message with a group of wise folks!

Simply put your name down, (more for big companies like Sun ;-)) and we'll spread your message of open source solidarity with vigor and enthusiasm to a group of web-savvy, social-media making, technology revolutionaries.

Lots of sponsors means a kick-off party to start things off with a buzz on Thursday night - think of the fabulous marketing benefits!

Add your name below to pledge your financial support:

  • Raincity Studios {http://raincitystudios.com}
  • happyfrog.ca {http://happyfrog.ca}
  • Affinity Bridge {http://affinitybridge.com}
  • Social Signal {http://www.socialsignal.com}
  • ImageX Media {http://imagexmedia.com}
  • Appnovation Technologies{http://appnovation.com}
  • NowPublic {http://www.nowpublic.com/}
  • Strutta {http://www.strutta.com/}
  • CivicActions {http://civicactions.com} contact GregoryHeller


Vancouver Drupal Camp will require significant donations from sponsors (depending on venue) for meeting space, lunches, shirts, and an endless supply of tasty beverages {calling web-savvy Vancouver coffee companies! donate your finest beans!} enough sponsorships equals more fun for Drupalists!


This is the critical part - if you have skills, commitment and tenacity and seek the warm feeling of admiration from your peers and fans, choose a prestigious title from the muster roll and sign up before someone steals your chance at glory!

  • Tugboats - organize the volunteers, bring vision, momentum, insanity and happiness - Dale, Ariane, DaveO (each will oversee a few other categories below to keep cats herded ;-))

  • Location Czar - find venue, give money, liasion with manager, rally clean up crew - {Your Name Here} (Ariane)

  • Sponsor Consular - rally the local Drupal business community for funds drawing from list of prospects - {Your Name Here} (DaveO, Malcolm)

  • Food and Bevvie Captain - find lunch and drinks for many geeks and make it arrive to location - {Your Name Here} (DaveO)

  • Website Chairman - manage impending Drupal-powered (or Wiki?) site for registration, scheduling and aggregating - {Your Name Here} (Dale, MikeC)

  • Track Principal - organize the tracks, review proposals (with a team?), schedule and inform presenters - {Your Name Here} (Ariane, MikeC)

  • Promotional Promoter - spread the word to possible attendees, media, sponsors, Drupal world - {Your Name Here} (DaveO)

  • T-Shirt Champion - source eco-friendly t-shirts and Drupal-styley design - {stmorgan (Scott)} (DaveO)

  • Barn-raising Neighbor - organize a project to benefit a non-profit which comes out the event - {Mack} (Dale)

  • Money Magnate - keep the dollars organized and funneled, deposit paid, numbers added - {Your Name Here} (Dale)

There will be plenty of opportunity to help in any of the above categories, the important thing is to declare you commitment.

This message comes to you from:

Dale McGladdery (day job = Geek Deluxe Group42)
Ariane Khachatourians (day job = "Junior Client Manager" ie. jack of all trades, Raised Eyebrow Web Studio)
Dave Olson (day job = Community Evangelist, Raincity Studios)
Mack Hardy (day job = Drupal Mechanic, Affinity Bridge)


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