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DO NOT REMOVE THIS HEADER TEXT!This is list where people can mark themselves as available to take on projects. Anyone that works with Drupal can add themselves to this list. There is no filtering and no guarantees. If you are looking to hire someone, it is critical that you do your own research as there is no one vouching for these people. It is merely a list of potentials to help you on your search. The purpose of this list is so we have an answer to the often asked question, "Do you know anyone looking for Drupal work?" If you stop taking new clients, please remove yourself from the list. If you keep the current order of listing and do not add your information at the top, that will show your politeness and respect to others. Do not include your rates on this list! Please do not include logos. Also see: Handbook on hiring a Drupal developer

NEW UPDATES! Since the guidelines were not respected, the list is now clean and starting over. The previous list is in the txt file below. Please feel free to add yourself as a new row to the table. (Basic HTML knowledge is required)

Company Name Contact Information Availability Project Range Description Location
AddWeb Solution Drupal.org | LinkedIn | Twitter

Ph: +91-903-317-7471

Always Small to Medium and Complex We Drupal Everyday India
Cliff O'Sullivan - Drupal Dev Connect on Linked In


Ph: +44 7760 888383

Always Smallto Large Complete site creation and development, including custom theming and modules. Updates and maintenance. Advanced ecommerce (ubercart), social networks, audio and video components. SEO & SEM Located in Wiltshire, UK
Andrea Soto Connect on Linked In


Ph: Upon Request; andreasoto at gmail.com

Always Small to Medium Drupal 7 and 8; Custom Site Development: modules, themes, ecommerce. Alberta, Canada
Madhulata Infotech Connect on Linked In


skype: drupaldelhi

Always Small to Large Site development in drupal 8, including custom theming and modules. drupal 7 to 8 Updates and maintenance. Located in Delhi, India
Paul Querol LinkedIn profile Always Small to Large Drupal 7/8 custom development, site building and theming; Custom module and theme development; Integrations; Project planning / scoping; Drupal training. Bournemouth, South Coast, United Kingdom

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