The Future of Drupal Dev Jobs - Worldwide

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More and more functionality is being baked into Drupal core. Among other things, this means more website features can be implemented by just configuration and site-building, not necessarily writing custom code. You can now create even more complex and robust websites without ever having to write PHP, JavaScript, or other programming languages. Drupal 9 and later versions are only going to continue this trend.

In the long run this kind of situation may pose sincere challenges for most Drupal developers both personally (i.e. becoming a marketable programmer) and professionally (i.e finding a long-term full-time job with health/retirement benefits). Will there be a lot of Drupal jobs that need site-builders and content curators? Or if you are an experienced enough programmer, will your skills be as needed if core can do it already?

When speaking of jobs, we speak of full-time jobs that include opportunities for advancement, long-term job security and solid health and retirement benefits. I want this group to focus more on that kind of job for the future, not whether or not Drupal will create the need for, say, a part-time intern at a Drupal shop somewhere (just an example) or a low paying full-time position with few benefits and that doesn't make sense as a long-term position (for whatever reason).

(Note: This trend probably won't be an issue for Drupal developers near the top of the core commit pile working on the next version of core and/or those working for Acquia (the former and latter are usually the same thing), but those kinds of positions are very few and far between and most Drupal devs don't have the depth of knowledge/experience to earn a full-time position doing it)

What will Drupal jobs look like in the future as core becomes more and more powerful and capable of building almost any website without the need for custom programming? Will Drupal simultaneously help in creating developers who can't program, while making the need for those who can program less and less of a need?

I hope this group can help us work through these kinds of questions...

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