Wichita Drupal

Mentoring and Learning Drupal-- Connection people and organizations together in South-Central Kansas who are interested in sharing the Drupal way.

It is our hope that a Wichita Drupal community will form and that we will all be able to be great help to each other learning how to:

1- Use and extend Drupal
2- Create dynamic sites that meet the clients objectives while showcasing the power of the Drupal framework.

Meeting Other Drupalistas

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The Kansas group is up and running, however, as with all groups it can be a challenge to create a successful community. Any ideas on how we can be helpful to each other in promoting the stated purpose of our group? Specifically, I think it would be beneficial to get together with other Kansas Drupalistas and learn from each other. Each person brings there expertise, every one in the group benefits from everyone else... Thoughts?

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