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Welcome to the New Zealand Drupal Users Group. This group is to allow Kiwi Drupal Users and Developers to communicate, collaborate, organise and promote the use of Drupal in New Zealand.

DrupalSouth Wellington 2014

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DrupalCon Sydney was such an awesome event! Great to see so many people from the Drupal community, not just from Australia and New Zealand but from around the world! DrupalCon Sydney has brought a new strength to Drupal down under that we hope to continue in 2014 with DrupalSouth Wellington.

Sign-on to DrupalSouth's early bird registry to receive news of dates and early ticket sale prices offered exclusively to early birds.

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Looking for volunteers to help build a better New Zealand

Hi there

My name is Leon.

Do you want to help make New Zealand a better place to bring up our kids?

A couple of months ago I got involved with building a website for a well known journalist. Little tricky to get into details, as the site and the media release of the launch haven't happened yet, but this is a fairly influential media personality that works tirelessly to try and improve NZ society - free from political ties.

I'd like to find another Drupal developer or two to help me realize this project.

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NZ Drupal Sprinters : Keep up!

DrupalSouth Rocked, Bravo!

We have started some good momentum with the Drupal8NZ Sprints that are now an important part of our NZ community participation

But Hungary is currently being the Rockstar of Drupal Sprinting Capital of the word.
Is Hungary #DrupalDevDays kicking our ass in IT? Can we with #Drupal8NZ meet them?

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Drupal8 Contribution Code Sprints (aka the Kiwi Drupal8 Pledge)

The one thing we (Kiwis) took away from DrupalSouth in Wellington was: Drupal8 is great and we would like to help to make this happen. And as soon as possible.

The Drupal Wellington and Auckland Meet-ups will join together and organise regular Drupal8 Contribution Code Sprints (aka the Kiwi Drupal8 Pledge).

Read all about our Drupal8 Pledge ...>

Interested? We are just getting organised, if you want to join in and keep up-to-date …

Join the Drupal Wellington Meet-up ...>

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Wonderful DrupalSouth Wellington!

It happened!! Thanks Josh Waihi for an enormous amount of work - it was a really great conference. Thanks to all who played their part.

photo CC-BY-SA by cafuego

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