Coming soon

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This site will become a glorious hub of worldwide drupal user groups



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port's picture exactly is this suppose to demonstrate groups if I can't join, post, or view any of them?

This site will

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This site will become....
note the furture tense :P

content moving?

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I think they are moving group related content from other locations. ( for example <a href="> )
I clicked on (upper right corner of browswer) to join two groups.


be the drupal...

it begins..

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it begins..

How to set up a new group?

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This looks like a great site to start building up what I've been thinking of for some months now: creating a group of Drupal users from Catalonia.

How can we (will) create a new group on this site?

Robert Garrigós
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not yet

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group creation will be opened up within days ...

thanks. I'm looking forward

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thanks. I'm looking forward to it.

Robert Garrigós
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Me too :-)

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Me too.

Regards, from Girona :-)

Congrats & Question about newbies

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Congratulations Moshe for organizing and implementing the Drupal Groups web site! That being said, I have looked around a bit and am wondering if this site is more for the developers, or are newbies welcome to participate? I'm just wondering because I've been looking for a more controlled environment where folks that are using drupal at the ground level can actually get help and understanding of how drupal works. The site is great, but it is unwieldy. There is so much outdated information there that learning is not so easy.

So I'm hoping that folks like myself can actually get some help from those in the know within the various groups that have been established. I will hold off asking questions until I get a better idea of what the is really all about.

QuiQue - Key-Kay


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Essentially this site is for three(ish) types of groups (at the moment):

  1. Local user groups, with the idea being that you can get support or just chat with or get together with other Drupal people in your general area.
  2. Working groups, for developers centred around a specific project or development task.
  3. Event-planning groups for those "major" events so that the planning committees have a place to throw to-dos and whatnot up there.

I could see a "newbies helping newbies" group possibly fitting within the context of a working group, but I'll leave it to Moshe to decide.


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newbies helping newbies is a decent working group ... i'll add though that the handbook at is open for anyone to change. please help make it clearer and less outdated. i'm not interested in alternate places for help information.

Getting here

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Is there (or will there be) a way to navigate to here from the main Drupal site?