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I'm using Acquia Slate 3 - 6.x-3.0-beta1.

The theme (which I love to bits and will till the day I get extremely rich and can afford a custom theme :-) ) has dependencies. These include, but are not necessarily limited to, Skinr, jQuery Update, jQuery UI, Chaos Tools - stuff :-).

For purposes of baseline, the date stamp for Acquia Slate 6.x-3.0-beta1 is currently 2010-Jul 03. To cut to the chase - where an update has come out for a dependancy, and that update has a later date stamp than the Theme date, should I update or leave well alone and keep using the version that was in place when the last Theme update was released? Examples:

Skinr 6.x-2.x-dev – to 2010-Oct 21
Skinr UI

Chaos Tool Suite 6x-1.7 – Update to 6x-1.8
Chaos tools
Views Content Panes

I'm probably being stupid even asking - but I'm a male and stupid comes as part of the base package :-).


In general: update whenever

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In general: update whenever there is something to update. There might be security issues fixed or in the case of Panels/CTools loads of magic provided by merlinofchaos.
Your site cannot live in stasis only because your theme is dormant/stable/whatever.

However make sure to TEST befor you update your live site. Make a sandbox version of your site and test the update thoroughly. If problems arise hit the issue queues of the involved modules.

Your response is most logical...

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... captain :-).

That was also my logic. However, with a number of elements of the architecture in dev, alpha and beta states there's always the risk of breaking. Which, yes, is where good backups and effective testing comes in. And yes again, the advisories on the Theme and for Skinr strongly encourage not using them for 'production' sites anyway. So on my own head be it, and I accept that risk. However, a paranoid always asks anyway. They'll still be paranoid afterwards, but that's the nature of the beast :-).

My thanks for the response and I'll soldier on regardless, updating as updates update :-).

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Yeah definitely back up and

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Yeah definitely back up and update.
Are you using any version control?

Version Control

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Am I using version control? Not yet. I suspect I'll have to get that modified to a 'yes but I'm bu**ered if I understand it' in the very near future :-(.

Not that I don't understand version control - more that I'll have to look into the implementations available for Drupal and try to work out how I broke them :-).


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