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I havn't booked my plane tickets yet, and I'd be able to book cheaper if I book a package.
So I would like to know where all of you guys are going to stay, and - if possible - book somewhere near.
I plan to stay in the center of the city, but realized that the SAP lounge is outside of the the city.
Any good suggestions?


Stay tuned

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Mixel is exploring different hotels to see if we can get a group rate. We should have details about that shortly.


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Update: Booked!
Aris from 22 - 24

I'll stay cool and tuned for a couple of days more....


Gunnar Langemark

Gunnar Langemark


Any luck on the rates?

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How about a group rate no the youth hostel? anyone interested? is not a 5 star hotel but I don't care.


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I've found a complete travel package flight and 2 accommodations for about 211€ (from Hannover, Germany).
The hotel will be about 10km from airport and about 2.5km from the conference center.
But youth hostel will be a good choice, too.

can't await end of september ;-)


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* With special Commission rates
* Whole city

More Itinerary
o Bed & Breakfast: For brussels tourism information: Map of the ECC district (code places)

Matignon **
Hotel Matignon
10 Beursstraat / rue de la Bourse 10
Metro: BOURSE / De Brouckere
T - 32-2-511.08.88 / F - 32-2-513.69.27
(send a FAX: CONSEN group)
Description :
Located in the historical centre of Brussels, at a stone's throw from the Grand-Place
Metro Station: Bourse or De Brouckere.
Train Stations: Nord Station or Gran Station
Read more about this :
EMAIL: hotelmatignon(@)

Comfort Hotel Art Siru
1 Place Rogier Brussels 1210 BE

Phone: (32) 2 203 3580

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I just updated the drupalcon for the accomondation, I finaly got a good price, check it out

need a partner

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i just booked a double room at Aris Grand Place for 21-25. Anyone interested in sharing the room with me should please contact me.

partner found

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thanks friends. i will be rooming with chx. see you there.

Youth Hostels

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These are 2 decent youth hostels. Both are very close to the location where EuroOscon is held (in the heart of Brussels), and close to the subway:

Hotel update

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I called the Aris and they told me they were booked for 23 Sept.

I called Ibis and they could not find a group rate under "DrupalCon".

Will check on Ibis

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I'll check on both. I know lots of people booked at the Aris already, so they may be full.

Mixel updated the accomodations page

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Apparently, the prices are "as is" on the website, but it toes like like a decent price.

News about Youth Hostel?

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is there anyone looking for a Group Discount at Youth Hostel? I am interested in getting any news, just to know whether I need to book something/somewhere by myself or not.
Thanks for all the efforts everyone is putting into making attending this conference easier!
PS: I will be in Brussels from 20 to 25, do you think there will be any problems for booking (because I am staying longer than the DrupalCon period)? Maybe it's better I book by myself?

Metro timing

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I'm looking at the train schedules from Paris. There are trains about every 30mn, so I wondered how long it takes to go from Bruxelles Zuid station (south) to SAP Lounge, by metro ? Thanks in advance ;)

I have booked a room at

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I have booked a room at Anyone else there? I am there from Sept 21 to 24 (three nights). Anyone interested in sharing the room with me? I got a "Sleep Well Star" twin room with breakfast included for 28,50€/night.

looking for a room

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I have my airfare. i just now need a place to lay my head.

Anyone looking for a roommate for the following nights - Sept 18 - 23?

i heart drupal

i heart drupal

The Moon Hotel

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I just found a central and economic place close to la Grande Place and Centraal Metro Station on the yellow line (the one that goes to the SAP lounge). They also have triple rooms.

The name sounds promising:
The Moon Hotel.;label=brussels;s...

I found was a rather painless Hotel searching site.

See you all in Brussels,