Aquia Slate and banner problems; alignment

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Hi everyone,

I'm new to Drupal but steadily learning. After reading the manuals from Fusion and digging in all the posts here, I'm still struggling with my site.

I can't get the banner to be located directly under the white logo. Can anyone help out? It's visible at
I placed the image in preface top.

Thanks in advance!

I'm truing to create a site like


If you take a look at the

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If you take a look at the source of your example site, you can see their banner image is not an image in a block, it is a background image on the Preface Top region.

Putting your image in a block adds all kinds of extra margins and padding, from the block itself and from the paragraph tag that Drupal automatically wraps around your image.

Get the firefox plugin Firebug ( and use it to inspect the different elements on your example site and you will be able to figure out how things are styled and built on that site.

Good luck,

Hi Sheena, Thanks for your

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Hi Sheena,

Thanks for your quick response. I already have Firebug installed and compared the sites in it. I saw the differences in the amount of DIVs so I can see where the problems come from. I had no clue as to how I could solve that. I'm not used to a content management systems as my sites are quite stationary.

Thanx also for your solution. I hope that you can give me any clue how I can make the picture a background image in the Preface Top block. I'm a little confused here because in other posts it's stated that the picture should be in a block.

Can anyone please help? I

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Can anyone please help? I really don't understand what I have to do to get the banner up into position. I've read the instructions:

"The banner image in Acquia Slate (the big image on the front page and background image within content-top region) can be activated by either turning on the site's mission statement or by adding blocks to the "Front Preface Sidebar" region. Addtionally, the "Content top" region contains the same banner image as its background. Adding blocks to the "Content top" region will display the banner image as its background.".

I don't understand this. I've put the link to the image in the mission statement; it doesn't work. I've placed the image in the Preface Top block and that works but doesn't align properly. I've put the image in a story; doesn't work. I've put the image in the sidebar; doesn't work.

Is there no way to get the full content of the site as it is shown in the example? E.g. Joomla! provides a ful content site as an example. Then you can easily see how things should work.

It must be a very simple solution. Can someone please give me the exact guide on how I should do this? Thanks in advance.

Now for something different

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Finally I got it working. After 3 new installs and different solutions tried, the banner image showed.

It's a bit of a mess when newbies like me have to dig into lots of informative pages to discover that in every solution there is something missing. Everybody is trying to help each other out, but much of the info is incomplete, sadly. Questions that I had to answer because they are not in the povided soltions are questions like:
- Where is my jquery_ui category? (download it first at and put the downloaded jquery.ui in that folder; then you can activate the module)
- What is meant bij Ctools? (after following node/53798 this module prevents further installation; tried a variety of searches here to find out that it's called Chaos Tools which can be downloaded here:
- How does it all work in the end? Watch the video at: and make sure that you have content in the showed Texblock 5 and that it is set to the correct width.

Now for something different: Where did my rounded corners go? Can someone give an indication on how to solve that? Should be something with CSS. But where can you change this setting?

It's only in i.e. 8

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I must admit, it's very crowded here with lots of helpful people!

I try once more; the problem with the rounded corners only shows in i.e. 8

IE8 does not support rounded

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IE8 does not support rounded corners.
You can try using the script metioned here

That's funny

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That's funny, the site shows itself with rounded corners ones you log out and transforms to square corners ones I log in.

Thanks for your reply anyway, I will see if I can get a solution here.

Sorry I think the ones you

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Sorry I think the ones you are talking about are images.
Anyway I had read somewhere that it could be the skinnr ui. or core css/js aggregation like in this link ( )

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