Introduction to Views for Drupal 6

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For my fellow NOOBS, here's a quick (~9 mins) introduction to the Views modules in Drupal 6. I found a lot of value in this so I thought I'd share.


what is a view?

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i'm a newbie, i wud like to know about view? what is it. how can i use it in my website?

I suggest you read more about it

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Views is one of the most advanced concept in Drupal and also one of the most useful. I struggled at first creating the views I needed for my web site, but after reading some good articles, following available online tutorials (just Google them) and reading a book (Using Drupal), I managed to do it. It is worth the time you put in it. You will especially want to learn the interface because it's a critical part of Views and one that is not intuitive.

Now, what can it do? Almost everything you want to do with your nodes. I used it to display the 3 most recent blogs and forum posts in a block on my home page. The module Insert View was a good helper in doing that.


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thanks generalelektrix for ur reply,let me try reading about views more.Actually i'm kind of struggling too in my starting phase.Hope i'll overcome this struggle.

Start with smaller bites

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Good luck with your development. If you have the time for it, you'd better learn other concepts of Drupal before Views. I didn't have this chance here as my schedule was tight and I was forced to learn views to deliver this important functionnality, but I don't think it's the natural path to go in a Drupal learning process.


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can u give the name of the book you read about views


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"Using Drupal" O'reilly publications. This was the nice book which kept me going past the initial struggle.Check it out.I am not sure whether its helpful , but worth a try.


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