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While I greatly respect the effort behind this group, I feel that the group's description is more than a bit misleading, so I would like to clarify the current landscape for anyone interested in developing mobile-friendly Drupal themes. To quote the group's description:

"We all remember jQ Touch ... Now its Sencha Touch.. a better Mobile app building framework.. As its all around jquery and html.
lets see the possibilities of having drupal themes being built using Sencha."

  1. jQTouch is still alive and kicking
  2. Sencha Touch is completely unrelated to either jQuery or jQTouch
  3. Sencha Touch doesn't wrap around html, it generates it.

Sencha Touch is the light-weight mobile version of the Sencha/Ext JavaScript library (also known as ExtJS). It is completely separate and distinct from jQuery, even though there is a certain amount of overlap in functionality.

Sencha Touch is to ExtJS what jQTouch is to jQuery.

The fundamental differences between the Ext and jQuery frameworks can be seen in the way you use the two libraries. With jQuery and its mobile libraries (jQTouch and jQuery Mobile) you write HTML markup using specific classes to indicate display or functionality. With Sencha, the body tag is left empty and everything is written is JavaScript. When the page is loaded, the JavaScript engine generates all of the relevant markup. If you want to include any "raw" html, you have to code it into the Sencha objects as a string.

Knowing jQuery will not help you very much in writing Ext/Sencha and vice versa.

Allow me to propose a revised group description:

"Sencha Touch is a light-weight mobile UI library built on ExtJS, with many features to offer a mobile Drupal Theme. Let's see what we can do with it!"


Hey Deja Thanks for making

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Hey Deja

Thanks for making these things clear.
Lets go with your proposed description of the group.

Also would like some one to take over the activities here. Unfortunately i am not getting time to do much in Sencha these days



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Good call.

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