How are you using the Omega Framework?

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I'm using it for everything I do!
31% (153 votes)
I'm using it when the situation calls for it
10% (49 votes)
I'm investigating the Omega Framework to see if it fits my needs
57% (277 votes)
I'm not using it at all
2% (8 votes)
Total votes: 487


Omega as the future

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I'm just starting to think about using Drupal 7 for projects. I'm really excited about the design thinking and dev work being done on the Omega group of offerings. The framework is leaner than the base theme I'm using now and much more logical. Using Omega and Delta together seems like it offers streamlined control, plus the scalable, mobile-first orientation is great. I'm in the Drupal UG in Portland, Maine, which is where I first heard about Omega. I can't wait to use it on my next project.

It's a great and much needed iniative

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Keep it going guys. Omega offers a great starter framework in it's own right and I think it was a very good decision to have so many configurable zones and regions built into the framework. That's a real time-saver on it's own - not to mention the prospect of having a great html5-based responsive site. I am recreating my own agency site around Omega and if this goes as well as I hope then I imagine I will use this as my main base theme going forward. I've previously mainly developed custom Zen themes.

PS Do let me know if there's anything I/we can do to help around the testing/debugging scenario (in my case).

I have been using framework

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I have been using framework for a base theme. However, I just found this theme and I think I might be making a switch. It seems like this theme will save me some time and some coding.

The only issue I have found -- I think it might be Delta module related -- is when I edit a layout created by delta and then save it, the logo disappears. I then have to go back in and clear the logo path and upload the logo again. It's kind of a pain initially when I am configuring the layouts for different sections of a site.

The more I use Omega, the

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The more I use Omega, the more I realize what it's truly capable of and I don't think I'll ever develop another Drupal site without it. I've been looking for additional web development projects just so I can experiment with the framework and different ways of utilizing it. Thanks for all the time and effort you've put into this framework so far and I look forward to seeing what Omega's future holds!

This is the future (at least right now)

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I love the Omega framework. I have used it on my last three projects. As with anything in the technology industry, Omega too will evolve. New products force this! Thanks for the work guys-Your hard work makes it possible to produce better sites.

Ken Weigand

Looks interesting but.... I

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Looks interesting but.... I tried Omega and also AT and only the Zen framework works without problems.

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