Tsunami BOF?

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With Drupalcon Chicago coming up, would it make sense to plan on a Tsunami BOF? If we put a bit of thought into it beforehand, we can go into it with an actual agenda and resolve some questions rather than just engaging in unstructured conversation about the idea, too...



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Answer is yes, this is the just the type of discussions that BoFs are perfect for. Being prepared is critical so the focus can be on making crucial decisions and delegating responsibilities rather than getting everyone up to speed. There was a good discussion about this approach with the recent HTML5 meetup. It may be good to ask how that worked for them.

Sadly I don't think I'll be making it out to Chicago so I'll have to try and publish ideas beforehand.

I won't be in Chicago, but

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I won't be in Chicago, but would love to participate via IRC, or in follow up meetings after the fact.


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I won't be at chicago, would love to participate via IRC.

I'll see...

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I'll see if WiFi is good enough to get a UStream feed of the BOF going, with an IRC side channel. I can't promise it'll work but I'll give it a shot. ;-)

I'm in

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Assuming the timing doesn't clash desperately, I'm in :)
Things I'd love to do at the BoF:
- persona review: introduce a draft person, explain why there is only one and why it's this one, gather feedback
- example scenarios of use: list of the kinds of groups we'd hope Tsunami will be perfect for.
- review key tasks / list of functionality - from these two lists we should be able to divine a MVP list of functions for us to review & discuss

Will be tough finding time to get this all prepared in time for Drupalcon
I can take a stab at the persona, we've made a start on the list of usage scenarios already that can be compiled. The more we can prepare in advance the more productive we can be at the BoF.

I expect there are a raft of technical discussions that need to be had too, right?
How long is a BoF?

leisa reichelt - disambiguity.com

In theory BOFs are an hour,

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In theory BOFs are an hour, however this year there are six BoF rooms open 24 hours a day throughout the conference, so if we want a longer period of time I'm certain that we can find it. I haven't had the time to get into these discussions much yet, but I am actively interested and I think the work done so far is really impressive. Really looking forward to talking more in Chicago.

Created a post in the BOFs section...

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http://chicago2011.drupal.org/forum/tsunami has a post, and i think Leisa's suggested hit list of tasks for the BOF sounds great. Persona review, Example use scenarios, and then a breakdown of the key tasks and functionality would be a huge accomplishment...

D7 backport

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I wonder what a D7 backport of Tsunami would look like ?

I guess Acquia will come-out with a general purpose D7 distro (with cross-selling/upgrades to their other distro's, hosted products and services)

as well as persona's, another approach might be, what are the likely upgrade and migrate pathways a user will take ?

from Tsunami (Backport) to Managing News ? Open Atrium ? Commons etc etc etc

it reminds me a bit of studies in Morphogenisis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morphogenesis and Embryogenesis http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Embryogenesis

Tsunami as Stem Cell


ok, I digress....

A couple quick

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A couple quick points...

Technically, there's nothing to prevent us from beginning to build Tsunami on D7 as an install profile today, and moving it forward once the D8 branch opens. That could be a promising path forward.

Moving from one install profile to another after the initial site setup is currently impossible in Drupal. Until that's supported in core, it's way beyond the scope of the Tsunami project...

Did a BOF get scheduled? I'd

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Did a BOF get scheduled? I'd be interested in participating if it hasn't already happened.

Drupal nomenclature paper

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I wrote a hastily formed blog on the heels of Framework v. Platform. http://www.herringconsulting.com/article/updating-drupal-nomenclature I'd welcome feedback on it.