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RobLoach's picture is pretty much an distributed implementation of Twitter and micro-blogging. It's written in PHP, is open source, is OpenID-enabled, and runs the Laconica software.

This is where the distributed comes in. Micro-blogging is all about posting little notes, and subscribing to other people's little notes so that conversations take place. Since is open source, there could be any number of installations on any number of servers at any time. So, they implemented the OpenMicroBlogging protocol. This allows you to subscribe to a user even if you're not on the same server as them.

Where is Drupal in all this though? I want to be able to allow other to subscribe to my Drupal posts from, and subscribe to other people posts on my Drupal website. Think a implementation on top of Drupal. My Drupal installation becomes my profile.


Tie in with OAuth integration SoC project?

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How close will this come to making this happen? From "OpenMicroBlogging is a protocol that lets users of one microblogging service subscribe to notices by users of another service. The protocol, based on OAuth, is open and free, and doesn't depend on any central authority to maintain the federated microblogs."

While this won't get us all the way there, it seems like it could be a start.



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+1 to this. Being able to

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+1 to this.

Being able to post (e.g. from and pull into Drupal from the openmublog protocol would be great.

Post: when you as a user on a drupal site post, it can post a ident "%nodetitle ( - posted on %siteurl : %teaser" where is the tiny url service provided by the opensource

Pull: similar to feedapi (and probably using it), pulls in the latest N idents by the user and or thier friends.

Would be a cool addition. Not sure if the pulled in idents should be full nodes or not - may be a little over kill.


I am interested

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I have a new found interest in this because of boredom.

I was bored over the weeked and developed a working prototype of a microblogging site in Drupal. At the moment it only uses contrib modules, but with a little work i think it can go a long way.


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Can you subscribe to users on If so, where's your OpenMicroBlogging protocol module? I'd like to contribute.

no, i started looking very

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no, i started looking very basic and just trying to recreate a micro blogging site. Eg users can post posts, each user has a view showing their post.

Thats about as far as I got.

+1 here also

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I've gotten laconica ( working separately on a local install and think a module for doing this would be great.

Basically laconica implements an open microblogging spec (itself actively being developed) - so we could consider using their code or implenting anew but sticking to the protocol.

Laconica itself is Affero GPL (;a=headblob;f=/COP... ) so if we use their code we may have some restrictions to contend with - implementing a new service which adheres to the open microblogging spec ( and successfully interoperates with Laconica might be preferrable


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there was some buzz about the bearhug camp. jack moffitt attended and wrote a great summary.

beside laconica there are also some other projects starting to implement the openmicroblogging specs:

KDI Proposal

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I've created the KDI proposal for distributed micro-blogging.

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