Multifield modules

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This is a comparison of modules which are meant to group fields that belong together into "one line" in a content type. There are two approaches taken, 1) create an auxillary content type with the fields that should be grouped together, 2) use the groups in CCK.

Here is another comparison:
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Other related modules:

Flexifield Node reference field CCK multigroup Form Multicrud TableField Multifield
Description CCK on Drupal 6 is awesome. You can create multi-valued fields, and re-order the field items with drag-and-drop. However, each item in the field is constrained to be of the same type (e.g., text, date, etc.), and creating a new type requires coding by a developer.

Flexifield tries to get around both limitations by letting you create combinations of fields and then use that combination as items within a larger field. You define a field combination by creating a node type and adding fields to it. On a different node type, you can add a flexifield, and then on its configuration form, specify which node types to use as items within the field.

Allows fields on the node referenced by a node reference auto-create field to be viewed and edited. In other words a node reference is created to a particular node which has additional cck fields. The additional fields can also be edited along side the node title provided by node reference.

Node reference field creates new nodes for each line.

Combine multiple CCK fields into repeating field collections that work in unison. "Experimental module that introduces a new composite form element." This issue indicates that you can store values in a CCK Computed Field. "This module allows you to attach tabular data to a node in Drupal 6 or any entity in Drupal 7. The input form allows the user to specify the number of rows/columns and allows entry into each table cell using text fields. Tables can be defined globally or on a per-node/per-entity basis, so every node can have multiple tables of arbitrary size. Enter data by hand or by CSV upload. Tables are multi-value and revision capable." This project seeks to provide a true compound field solution for Drupal 7 by leveraging Field API, but doing interesting things to store the multifield's data all in the field data table itself.
Latest Drupal version supported 6 6 6.
Becomes Field Collection in 7, no auto upgrade path.
6 7 7
Has release? Yes Yes No Yes (alpha) Yes Yes (unstable)
Use extra content type? Yes Yes No No No No
Creates extra nodes? No Yes No No No No
Supports nodereference in the multiples?? Yes No Yes No No Yes
Supports filefields in the multiples? Yes No Yes No No Yes
Supports user reference in the multiples? Yes No Yes No No Yes