Similar Module Review

Historically, one of the major problems on is comparing multiple modules that all do similar things. See results of a survey of users.

This group was created with multiple purposes around finding duplicate modules, analyzing their similarities/differences, and seeing if there is room for collaboration between them. Some times there are good reasons to fork a module, or similar looking projects can be very different when you actually use them, sometimes modules get released simply because people couldn't find what they wanted, or because they didn't realize they could file a patch instead.

Please use Wiki pages to post comparisons of projects which seem to be duplicates so they can be updated and expanded by other group members.

This group won't be dealing with module metrics and rankings - because that group already exists: it's about dealing with the 4000+ projects we have already, and hopefully leading to new and fruitful relationships between contrib developers.

See also a similar comparison of similar modules in the handbooks on

Module Comparisons

This is a succinct, categorized index of similar module reviews.

Before creating a new review of similar modules, please check this list and consider improving the existing reviews. If you do end up creating a new review of similar modules, please add it to this list, in all appropriate categories.

(We've got duplicate lists of duplicate modules. Very meta.)

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Open Letter

I thought I'd form a sort of target page to direct the assorted maintainers that have been listed in the Dupes. Just to ping into all their respective queues in a polite manner.

As opposed to Various attempts to compare enumerate, tabulate and choose between available modules and features, I think we should be encouraging these developers to merge efforts or voluntarily retire their modules in favor of more consistant solutions.

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Comparison of event registration/signup modules

Module 6.x? 7.x? 8.x? Notes Last official release Info updated on
Node Registration - Yes - Actively maintained. 2015-Jan-27 2015-05-20
Signup Yes Dev - Actively maintained. 2011-Jan-09 2015-05-20
Entity Registration - Yes - Actively maintained. 2015-Apr-04 2015-05-20
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Is there a project management entities module

I was looking for a module to enabled data structures for a couple of projects I am thinking about. What I really need is a module that provides a fairly generic entity architecture for project management artifacts such as tasks and events.

For example one of the projects I am working on is an editorial calendar where I need to create "content topics" and "events". One approach to do this would be to use nodes, but I think a separate base entity will work better as to not clutter the node table. So I was looking for something that would enable me to create project management entities.

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Any module to just grant 'Manage display' Field UI access to themers?

Hi all.

I have the sandbox module Manage Displays with this summary:

Provides a 'Manage display' item under Administration->Structure menu.
From there you can configure the display modes for all content types, if you have the right permissions.
This way, you don't need to give Field UI access just to manage display modes.
Useful if you want to let themers configure display modes without allowing access to other field configurations.

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Token based directory structure for files uploaded via media module

I feel there is a strong need for this feature in media module. I am not sure if there is any way in media module we can do this.

I remember this was there earlier for filefield module something like file_path, but seems to be missing from media module. Have created a sandbox project for this purpose @

Just need to be sure there is nothing of such sort before pushing it to a full project.

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I duplicated Radioactivity.

I confess, I recently made public a module called Scoville which pretty much does the same thing that Radioactivity does; assigns nodes a score based on "hotness" (determined on how many hits the node has had recently, declining over time) and lets you easily build Views of recently popular content.

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Encrypting and decrypting content in Drupal

There are at least two modules to do encryption in Drupal. This page compares those modules to help people choose a good one.

Last updated: 6 November, 2017

  • Encrypt
    • Includes multiple encryption methods from simple to complex depending on libraries available on the server
    • Focused on being a simple API that doesn't do much on its own
    • Uses CTools plugins for encryption methods and key providers
    • Contains unit tests for all the features
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Formats for module comparisons

We have a lot of different formats for the similar module lists and tables in this group— I've experimented with a few different ones myself. I wonder if we as a group should identify an idealized format and the data points about each project we should strive to provide. To summarize my observations on what we currently use:




Annotated List
Examples: Dashboard modules, Node limiter modules
Pros: Easy to write; easy to read
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Drupal modules for Two-Factor-Authentication

Two factor authentication is becoming more popular as more and more sites get hacked based on password alone.

  • Two Factor Auth - A framework to support a variety of methods as the second factor. The TFA Basic modules provides support for TOTP, recovery codes and SMS via Twilio. These modules are used on to provide two factor authentication.
  • GA Login uses the Google Authenticator software and smartphone app
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Facebook Integration Modules

Doing a google search for this post I found out I was duplicating an existing wiki. Go to instead.

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Comparison of node / entity references and relationships modules

Node relationships

Module Versions Description Dependencies Status
BackReference 6.x-1.1 Syncs a CCK Node Reference from one node to another with a CCK Node Reference in the reverse direction. D6: CCK and Node Reference Recommends Corresponding node references for D7.
Corresponding node references 6.x-4.1, 7.x-4.22 Syncs a CCK Node Reference from one node to another with a CCK Node Reference in the reverse direction. D6: CCK and Node Reference
D7: References
Active, 3021 installs
Entity reference 7.x-1.0-rc1 Provides a field type that can reference arbitrary entities of a type. 13558 installs
Node Hierarchy 5.x-1.3, 6.x-1.4, 7.x-2.x-dev Allows nodes to be children of other nodes. Supplies menus and breadcrumbs, Active, 3548 installs
NodeReferrer 6.x-1.0-rc2, 7.x-1.x-dev Provides and populates a read-only CCK field which identifies CCK Node Reference referring nodes. Maintenance fixes only, 4562 installs
Node Relationships 6.x-1.6 Enhances CCK Nodereference with view /edit /create /search /translate options, provides automatic back references and reports. D6: CCK and Node Reference, Views, Modal Frame API, jQuery UI Unknown, 5075 installs
Relation 7.x-1.0-rc4 API for directional and symmetrical relations between entities. Stores relations as entities. Arguably the most flexible, but most ambitious of the four D7 reference projects. Active, 4508 installs
References 7.x-2.0 D7 port of CCK Node Reference and User Reference fields. Could soon be deprecated in favor of Relation or Entity Reference. Maintenance fixes only. 41962 installs
Reverse Node Reference 6.x-1.0 Provides a Views relationship connecting the node with one linking to it with CCK Node Reference, allowing for complex lookups. Features provided by References in D7 No further development
Trees 6.x-1.1 Allows users to structure nodes into one or more hierarchies or outlines, and provides blocks for parent, sibling, and child nodes. Maintenance fixes only
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Recently needed to add validation to my registration form for profile fields headed into an outside CRM. There are quite a few options out there. Ended up going with FAPI Validation knowing that we'll port the rules to Client-side validation soon. Looking for people's experiences.

Module D7 D6 Client-Side Description Experiences
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Comparing current Twitter-related modules

Module URL D6 date D7 date Instal Principal Usage Used outside Twitter Notes
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Overview of file uploaders

At the first Media online meeting we decided to create an overview of multi file uploaders. Anyone is welcome to edit this list.

Uploader License Technology Browser support Features
Plupload GPL Flash, HTML5, SilverLIght, BrowserPlus, Gears, HTML 4 (multiple technologies /w fallback) most of browsers drag&drop, upload progress, image resizing, file size restriction, stream upload, multipart upload
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Statistics and Data Collection Module Comparison

(note: this page originally created following greggles’ request at–5397968)

Data Collection modules are those that track data values which change over time. Note that this does not include analytics modules, which display a very specific type of data, and most commonly for administrator roles, but for modules that track data which is to be presented as part of the content of the site. This might include external service data such as stock ticker values, sensor readings or counts of specific sorts of user interactions.

Following is a list of modules that provide functionality related to the collection of values over time.

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Image crop modules (to manually crop images)

Wiki page! Please share your experiences/expertise with these modules. Add any modules that should be listed here.

Module Versions Description Pros Cons
Image javascript crop 7.x-1.2, 6.x-1.0-rc3 Creates an Imagecache 2 (D6) or Styles (D7) 'javascript crop' toolbox action. Problems when placed inside vertical tabs.
Imagefield Crop 6.x-1.0, 7.x-1.0 Provides a widget for cropping an image after upload.
ImageField Focus 6.x-1.3, 7.x-1.0 Imagecache action that allows users to designate a core area around which to crop.
Manual Crop 7.x-1.2 Allows you to add a custom effect to image styles so it becomes possible to manually crop an image after uploading.
Smart Crop 6.x-1.0-beta1, 7.x-1.0-beta2 An Imagecache action that crops based on entropy. Integrates with ImageField Focus
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Register Users on Node Creation

These three modules attempt to solve essentially the same problem: encouraging site participation/content creation by lowering the barrier to entry. There seem to be two fundamentally different approaches to the problem:

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Comparison of Single Sign On (SSO) Modules

Note: It is not clear that this list is all-inclusive. Nor is it clear that all of these modules have the same purpose. SSO can mean enabling login to a Drupal site through the use of credentials stored outside the Drupal site, and it can also mean enabling login to another site through the use of credentials stored within a Drupal site.

Module Installs on 1 Jan '15 6.x 7.x 8.x notes
Drupal 7 Core Multi-DB Support ? N Y N
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Node Create / Edit Pre-fill

Looking for some insights...

Module Name Versions Project Description Installs (as of 10/Dec/2011)
Prepopulate 6.x-2.2, 7.x-2.x-dev Allows fields in most forms to be pre-populated from the $_REQUEST variable. ~7.2K
Node Reference URL Widget 7.x-1.12, 6-x.1.11 auto-populates a node reference field with a value from the URL. ~ 17K
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