Drupal Dojo Session--Media Module a Multimedia framework for Drupal 7 (4/6 12:30 ET)

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2011-04-06 12:30 - 13:30 America/New_York
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Training (free or commercial)

Media is a module which has been in development for several years. The goal is to provide a light Digital Asset Management solution for Drupal. This means fields on files, interfaces for browsing and embedding files and the ability to reference media all over the internet. JacobSingh will demo some of the functionality, showing you how to set it up on your D7 site and discussing the roadmap. Jacob's DrupalCon Chicago presentation is available here: http://chicago2011.drupal.org/sessions/media.

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Audio support in D7?

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One thing I'm curious about is the status of audio in the media module and Drupal 7 in general. Specifically how is audio managed and what (if any) options do we have to play/display.

Would be great to touch on this and see what we can all do to move this along.

Gus Austin

Feature list and ETA for 1.0

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I have a fair idea of what the features in the Media module is, but it would be nice to have an updated list of what v1.0 will include and the status on what is remaining to do before it can be released.

Then of course, the question on everyones lips, when it is expected to be released.

Sorry to have to ask about that, but I believe that ones v1.0 is out it is going to be a major catalyser for other developers to get going on add-on modules for it. Ones those start to trickle through we are going to see a very big uptake in D7 sites with media that Drupal sites never have seen before.

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Support for rtmp:// ?

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Can the media module be used to play streamed content via rtmp://? If not was is needed to make it work? A generic "media: rtmp" streaming module that extends the media module?

Looking forward to the session!

75minutes away

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We'll be starting in about 75minutes.
Hope to see you all there!

TO REGISTER: please visit https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/597008040

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go to meeting doesn't support linux

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Considering this is a meeting for developers, can you pick a different medium for the meeting next time as gotomeeting doesn't work with Linux. Thanks for your consideration. Jeff at Burning Token Records


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your point is valid
until some one sponsors a better webinar tool for us we can only use GoToWebinar.
Our Freedom Loving attendees tell us that their VirtualBox implementations are perfect for joining the Dojo
- DV

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@Doug.... have we looked at

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@Doug.... have we looked at gotowebinar alternatives like http://join.me or http://vyew.com?