We are getting there...

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Thanks to Cedric (as well as the historical Kevin and myself :-D ) Drigg's development has picked up again.
The remaining issues are very few. Only the external voting form is the "big one". Pretty much anything else is easy to implement, and not-so-critical.

My personal goal is to close every single feature request currently in the queue. There have been very few feature requests and virtually no bug reports for a while. This means that Drigg (and by "Drigg" I mean Drigg, extra_voting_forms and user_karma) are very stable, feature- and code-wise. So, finishing off the pending requests will give us time to... well, first of all say "Drigg 1.0 is done".

After that, I would love to create an absolute kick-ass drigg-distr.tgz with a fantastic basic theme (which still needs to be very easy to configure). I also would love to create a drigg-distr-advanced.tgz with a HELL of a Drupal site, where we put everything there: extra social networking modules, captcha, and anything that would turn a drigg site into something that really kicks everybody else's butt. After that, we can decide which features are missing in Drigg, and maybe create an Ajax API so that anybody can write fancy Javascript to do [insert your cool digg-like thing here].

But that's the future! Are we guys all ready to declare war to the existing requests in Drigg? I am :-D

The four of us (Myself, Kevin, Cedric and Coolclu3) should be able to squash the last requests in the next 30 days or so... are you up to it?