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Facilitate the development of Drigg and the modules surrounding it. Gather ideas and plan releases, ports, updates.

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Theme Development | n/a

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Urgently wanted, experienced Drupal themer to create a W3C standards compliant theme for the redesign of a high-traffic Drigg based Drupal site. Experience with Drigg (http://drupal.org/project/drigg) an obvious plus as the site’s theme will be built on the basic drigg theme. Experience with theming for social networking style sites also desirable.

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Help the Eclipse people make an awesome EPIC Drupal site

The Eclipse foundation is relaunching their Eclipse PlugIn Central (EPIC) plugin repository site in Drupal. Help them make it rock by analyzing their requirements document and giving them the best tips possible. A large number of Drupal developers use Eclipse as their IDE and we owe them a debt of gratitude. Help make EPIC rock!

See here:

EPIC Modernization Requirements Document V 0.1

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New FriendList API


I created a new API + module to manage Friend Lists.


I am about to load it up onto CVS. Before then, please download:


Before starting any discussion on the fact that we already have such APIs for Drupal etc. etc., PLEASE:

  • Read the project's page
  • Read the project's source code

So... if you are up for some testing, please come forward.

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New version of Drigg

Hello People,

Once these bugs are solved:

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We are getting there...


Thanks to Cedric (as well as the historical Kevin and myself :-D ) Drigg's development has picked up again.
The remaining issues are very few. Only the external voting form is the "big one". Pretty much anything else is easy to implement, and not-so-critical.

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Are we here?

Hello People,

This is the development group for Drigg.
Are we all here?
Kevin (sicjoy)? Cedric? Coolclu3?


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