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My organization is looking at developing a listserv that integrates with our Drupal website, and which has a fairly user-friendly interface, as well as an archive and search function. We are also considering whether Drupal Commons might be a solution for implementing the listserv. One difficulty is finding sample listservs and websites that can help us think about functionality and design. Would anyone know of sample sites using Drupal listservs? Thank you!


This is a good start:

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This is a good start: http://drupal.org/node/793564

Listserv for Drupal 7

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I also came across that link. It was written for Drupal 6. Can anyone tell me whether the logic changes if we were to implement in Drupal 7?

Yes, has anyone tried to

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Yes, has anyone tried to accomplish this in D7 or have another solution?

info for new user vas 6.28 Basics

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I have just taken over the Drupal Merci inventory mgt system and need a basic/starting point users guide or guidance. I do not know where to start or where to look for beginner's information. I would appreciate some help and direction. Thanks.


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