Wow, quite a crowd

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Hey gang!

It seems as though we have quite a healthy interest in this topic so far.

I'd like to open by saying "Welcome" and asking people to post a quick reply to this thread talking about why they've joined here, what their interest in, and how they think Drupal and Alfresco can best be integrated.

Some things to think about:

  • What do you want to do with it?
  • What does Alfresco offer to you that Drupal doesn't?
  • How about the other way? What does Drupal provide that Alfresco doesn't?

Looking forward to everyone's discussion! And welcome again!



yes of interest

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Yes, I agree, Drupal – Alfresco would be a compelling integration. Alfresco has strong content repository technology. Very interoperable, highly scalable and excellent flexibility. Also strong support of XML. The sandbox features and deployment framework are also pretty interesting although very complicated.
I think a lot more opportunities would open up for Drupal on the high-end/enterprise side of the market if we could have the strong community support and community contributed functionality of Drupal on top of Alfresco’s content repository and framework.

wcm expert | drupal remote development team lead

wcm expert | drupal remote development team lead

We are working in

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We are starting to integrate Alfresco + Drupal. Has anybody a example?

Depends on what you're trying to do..

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At its root, alfresco is a content repository. It provides some workflow and some bells and whistles on top of a standardized Java Content Repository.

We've had some experience with Apache Jackrabbit (another reference implementation of JSR170, which Alfresco also implements), though I haven't yet seen anyone integrate drupal nodes directly with it, though it's not out of the question.

Angel1, what are you planning? What kinds of integration points are you looking for?

We are planing something like this

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we want to build something that:

Alfresco acts as our core repository and Drupal provides the front-end presentation layer.


Any luck

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I am also looking to use alfresco the same way , could you please guide me

See my post below.. There are

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See my post below.. There are a couple options depending on how much you want to "live" in Drupal vs Alfresco.


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I installed the CMIS module on to drupal and also alfresco module
but i am getting "Unable to lookup CMIS repository [default]"

My goal is template on drupal and content on alfresco
could you help me please
Thank you

Couple of options..

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There's nothing out there yet (that I'm aware of) that passively connects alfresco to Drupal, but you have options..

One is to mirror Alfresco's content structure in drupal.. This is a bit tricky since Drupal's node model is linear, and JCR is hierarchical. As a result, you'll need to somehow map JCR's "path"s to drupal nodes (likely on the drupal side) and then semifrequently sync the two. This can lead to some lock contention if nodes on the alfresco side are updated independently of Drupal.

The other option is to bypass Drupal's node system entirely and build an adapter layer to interface directly with Alfresco using its web services API.

Either way, it's custom code.

What's the goal of using Alfresco as your backend? What solutions does it provide to you that Drupal does not?

General Interest

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I have no immediate projects that are looking to combine Drupal and Alfresco. I am interested in tracking the evolution of the relationship between the two platforms. I think that Alfresco provides excellent document management capabilities. For me the jury is still out regarding its WCM capabilities. I think that the points of integration between two systems would have to be well thought out.

It has been a year since I have worked with Alfresco, so pardon any ideas below that may not work.

Some potential points of integration might be
1. Attaching documents from the Alfresco repository to Drupal Nodes.
2. Leveraging Alfresco's content transformation capabilities to re-purpose Open/MS Office documents as nodes (I have a lot of clients that would rather use Word as a content creation platform).
3. Using Alfresco Web(XML based) content types and exposing the to the web as Drupal nodes. Create an Drupal node type called Alfresco Container (you get the idea) and use nodeapi to pull the content from Alfresco and display it. This allows you to take advantage of the workflow and structure of alfresco while taking advantage of the flexibility of the Drupal front end.

Of course there are other things to consider such as are Drupal users and Alfresco users the same, and whether or not you can intermingle Alfresco and Drupal originated content. I can think of use cases for both.

Alfresco module

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We have just released alfresco module which provides Alfresco-Drupal integration.

This module provides a new Alfresco item node content type that embeds Alfresco contents inside your Drupal site. Allows attach alfresco items to other Drupal node too and importing multiple Alfresco nodes.

Please try and give some feedback:


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You guys are quite modest posting this announcement as a response while everybody in this group was expecting a module like this one!


Mi más sincera felicitación.

Jorge Campo

Alfresco Integration

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