LDAP Data Modules Survey

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Module Data Sources Data Targets Action Triggered
LDAP Provisioning D5 and D6 * Drupal Accounts
LDAP Accounts
LDAP Accounts
Drupal Accounts
LDAP Profile D7 * LDAP User Entry Attributes
LDAP Feeds D7 LDAP Query
LDAP Drupal Users
Feeds Processors (Node, User,
LDAP Authentication D5, D6,
LDAP Queries Drupal User Accounts
LDAP Directory LDAP Browser/Query Themeable Drupal Content search form submitted
LDAP Map D7 * Drupal User LDAP Entries Drupal User Profiles
LDAP Synch D6 * LDAP Users
Drupal Users
Drupal Users
LDAP Users
LDAP Data D6 * LDAP Entries Drupal User Profiles login, page load
LDAP Query Builder D7 Drupal Admin Inteface Store of LDAP Queries admin ui
LDAP User LDAP Users
Drupal Users
LDAP Users
Drupal Users Profile
Drupal Users
LDAP Users
Drupal User Profiles
LDAP User Entries
login, user creation, cron,
on profile updated
*replace all these win and
ldap user module?

LDAP integration development and modules

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