LDAP integration development and modules

This group should probably have more organizers. See documentation on this recommendation.

For business purposes, the integration with a LDAP directory containing contact/users informations is quite mandatory.
This group is dedicated to the development of various ldap-integration-related modules.

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LDAP module on OpenScholar 2.0 RC1

Is there any documentation specifically for OpenScholar 2.0 RC for LDAP integration? I have the modules for LDAP enabled through the Site Configuration > Modules all the LDAP say enabled... but that is about as far as I can get with it.

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OpenIDM Summit in San Francisco

2012-12-06 09:20 - 16:20 UTC
Event type: 
Related event (ie. not Drupal specific)



Join us for the third annual OpenIDM Summit in San Francisco!

With the upcoming release of OpenIDM 2.1 Xpress, we're calling on customers, partners, friends and allies, those with ideas and those keen on having a say in the OpenIDM community, to come for a day of technical discussions, and to share best practices, use cases, and new requirements.

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Cleveland Drupal User Meetup - Mapping in Drupal

2012-12-11 18:00 - 20:00 America/New_York
Event type: 
User group meeting

Want your site to handle postal addresses, locations, GPS traces, or other types of geospatial data? Need to display all of that onto a map? Want something more elegant or sophisticated than Google Maps?

Come learn all about making maps and handling geospatial data in Drupal.

Jeff Schuler will present strategies for storing and managing addresses in Drupal, automatically translating them to geospatial coordinates, and displaying them on custom-styled maps.

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Using LDAP Query class in a custom module

I wrote a custom Drupal 7 module and I would love to utilize the LdapQuery() class but I'm running into a few issues. Is there anyway to use that class without having to go through the GUI? Here is my current code:

global $user;

$ldap_query = new LdapQuery('ldap_query_user');
$ldap_query->filter = '(uid=' . $user->name . ')';
$ldap_result = $ldap_query->query();

And this works fine, except I want to be able to recreate "'ldap_query_user" in my module and not have to create it through Drupal's LDAP Admin GUI. Is this possible? Does anyone have sample code?

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LDAP Attributes in Fields added to User entity

I maintain the LDAP module for drupal 7. In the next version I was considering moving some of the data in $user->data array into fields attached to the the user entity. These fields would have the UI widget of "hidden".

This would make integration with feeds, migrate and other modules much easier. The data would be ldap cn, ldap dn and other ldap attributes.

From a security perspective, is there any advantage to $user->data or hidden fields on the user entity?

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LDAP Data Modules Survey



Module Data Sources Data Targets Action Triggered LDAP Provisioning D5 and D6 * Drupal Accounts
LDAP Accounts LDAP Accounts
Drupal Accounts LDAP Profile D7 * LDAP User Entry Attributes LDAP Feeds D7 LDAP Query
LDAP Drupal Users Feeds Processors (Node, User,
etc.) LDAP Authentication D5, D6,
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Drupal 7 LDAP Modules

Breakdown of LDAP Modules and Functionality for Drupal 7

Please try to give feedback on how the ldap modules you are working on can be better served by the LDAP api and other LDAP project modules. Even if your ldap module isn't in the ldap project, please add it below and list the features it has.

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LDAP_Authentication Module Tests

I moved this over to the documentation wiki at http://drupal.org/node/1053818

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Class to manage LDAP entries case-insensitiveness

I just wrote a class to be used to work with a LDAP entry avoiding some problems derived by the case-insensitiveness of the LDAP attributes names.
This class just takes an array of values, stores them internally with lower-cased keys but records the original case of the first time the attribute was set.

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Features, Use Cases, and Functional Tests For LDAP Authorization Module

this page never got of the ground. I'm marking it as outdated.

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LDAP management from PHP

Let's discuss about ways to connect to LDAP and handle entries from PHP.
I see that the trend is to write classes based on core PHP ldap_* functions. The obvious problem is that each module does in its own way.

Now, I think that the right way will be to manage all the "low level" stuff inside the ldap module, and then use its exposed APIs to do all the stuff higher-level.
I had a quick read at that module code, and I see you are writing brand new LDAP management classes.

What about, instead, using something already written?

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ldap_integration and ldap_provisioning next-generation test

An informative note to all the ldap-related modules maintainers.

I am working (I am half the way to the goal, ATM) to a "next-generation" version of the ldap integration and provisioning modules, to fit some of the needs of the company I work for.
These needs are mostly the management of multiple entries types, not only persons, and improved functionality in entries management.

The needs

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Lead Drupal developer | Verizon

Employment type: 
Not allowed

I am with Syslogic Technical Services a national direct vendor to Verizon. The reason I am writing you is I came across your resume on Monster and I thought you would be a great fit for backfill opening we have with Verizon Business. The position will be located in Boston, MA (High st) with an initial estimated length of 6 months, but will most likely go longer (1 - 2 years).

The hiring manager is looking for a Drupal developer with the following experience:

We're looking for a Principal Drupal Developer and Architect with the following quqlifications:

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LDAP_API Module Functional Requirements and Code Stubs

This is out of date. See revisions if you need to see old notes.

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LDAP API Module work underway

We started work on the LDAP API module and have 3 maintainers. I hadn't noticed this group until today and wanted to let everyone know what is up. The overview below is from the project page (http://drupal.org/project/ldap). I was searching for a G.D.O. group to host the design wiki on and found this one which is amazingly appropriate ;)

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New module: LDAP Contact Manager

I just added to drupal.org project this project I am working on:

It connects to a LDAP directory using the Net_LDAP2 PEAR module, and performs searches on that directory.
It will also provide the ability of create/edit entries, and support custom schema/fields.

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