CCK 2 Documentation

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I am about to dig into CCK a bit, and develop my first CCK Field. I'm sure I will be examining existing modules to learn from them, but I also want to find out where the best developer documentation is for CCK 2.

This seems to be the main place for developer documentation. How much of the things that are tagged 5.x are relevant in 6.x / CCK 2?

Have things in the code changed so much from CCK 1 that I should pretty much ignore CCK 1 documentation? Or is it close enough that it would probably help me.

This is the only page I've encountered so far that is tagged for 6.x. Is this probably the best thing for me to read to understand the development process for CCK 2 fields?

Comments for contrib!

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I also have had a difficult time locating good, up to date CCK documentation. I have ended up at the links you posted above and wanted more! It would be awesome if somehow we could have style documentation for CCK (and other contrib modules). The documentation is great because it is clearly split up by Drupal version (something d.o book pages often lack).

It would be great if could somehow be available to serve API documentation for contrib modules.

Advanced Help module

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CCK comes with a lot of in-site documentation compatible with Advanced Help module.

I've been programming in PHP

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I've been programming in PHP for a while, but I'm new to drupal. And frankly, I'm very upset at how sucky the documentation is.
I have to write some modules dealing with CCK "content types", and the documentation is pathetic. I've been using huge var_dump()s and print_r()s to get the structure of the subarrays which seem to be CCK "fields"
Anyway, enough bellyaching. Here are the best links I've found:

What is the Content Construction Kit? A View from the Database. | Lullabot
CCK Documentation Resources | CCK API
API reference | CCK API
Database abstraction layer | CCK API
Unraveling the mysteries of the cck (and the cck docs) | The Empowerment
Updating CCK Modules from 5.x to 6.x |

First maybe useful link. API

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First maybe useful link. API with conten.module integrated:

In general your second link ( seems to be helpful for my needs finding information about multiple value handling.

For learning more about the fields you best look into node_reference or simply text field. There I learned a lot. After having a closer look on my problem I will post again.