What type of Omega documentation do you want the most?

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Simple, organized, textual documentation with screenshots
44% (206 votes)
Short videos (5-10 min) on various aspects of Omega
16% (76 votes)
Longer videos (30min - 1hr) deep-dives into Omega
12% (57 votes)
Some combination of the above...
28% (134 votes)
Total votes: 473


Omega sub- theme stylesheets for mobile first

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Some " best practices" guides for using the stylesheets provided with Omega and how they relate to the Mobile First approach would be most helpful.

Maybe even a very simple companion site with a set of Mobile First styles in place and downloads for the related Omega sub-theme CSS files for users to examine and learn from.

I would be willing to work on a sample example like this if the idea is deemed worth pursuing.



Art has gone to the dogs


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I'm working on a quick revamp to the structure of the documentation section on the micro site and will be pushing it up and calling for a docs team...

I've already added the section for "best practices" which should have a few sub-items to build on/off of.

Videos for Technical Topics

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Generally I find videos for technical topics, especially ones requiring lots of configuration are not all that useful, since it's difficult to refer back to specific topics. That said, the intro video for Omega is a great introduction. I think where documentation would help the most is details of creating subthemes and modifying the specific items (e.g. zones and regions, creating new media queries, that sort of thing). The existing videos already show off those features nicely, now we just need the docs to learn how to tweak them.

That's my 2 cents anyway.


Update: I thought about this a bit more last night, and here's an idea for a starting point for an outline:

  • Intro: base Omega out of the box - regions and zones
  • Subtheming: deriving your own theme from the base Omega
  • Delta: using context to drive different layouts
  • Responsive: how and where to put your CSS for each of the responsive layouts (narrow, normal, wide)
  • Best Practices and advanced techniques: how to separate your CSS, image styles, views, deltas, context, anything else that might have some dependencies on responsive layouts
    • some ideas:
      • how do I use a different image style in the normal layout (e.g. 220px wide) and the narrow (e.g. 100px wide)
      • responsive columns: 4 column grid in normal, 3 column in narrow and 4 column in wide using views and a custom template (I'm still working this one out)
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I'm a newbie in using drupal and these suggestions above can be very helpful for anyone as well as a simple step by step for using it for mobile site... I mean how to create a website and make it working on mobiles too.

Besides, I' agree that very short video can be useful especially if created like simple modules that experienced ones can skip and watch only the part interested. I found a good example in the buildamodule.com videos where this Chris shared his skills in a simple way and you can pick the short video you need at glance.

That's IMHO of course.
When documentation is ready I can help with a translation in Italian if it's needed....

IMHO, video is bad

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The trend for video screen casts for technical documentation is a horrible horrible trend.

Videos are Awesome!

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Videos that supplement documentation are a lifesaver for a lot of people! Sometimes concepts are hard to understand when written down and read, but when someone shows how it's done, it can make everything clear.

In other words, some people learn better from videos. (And I hope we can get to the point where videos can be embedded in Drupal.org's documentation - or people use animated gif more.)


I can't agree more! I'm not a

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I can't agree more! I'm not a native english speaker and following text documentation is much easier then video. I does allow me to copy & paste some lines of code and it's easier skip the part I know already. With screen casts always need much more time to learn the same.

I totally agree. Videos are

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I totally agree. Videos are too time-consuming to watch, and I read much faster than watching someone. Plus, it's hard to link/refer back to videos for specific details later.

Simon Roberts
Taniwha Solutions

Text is Best

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I find text documentation with screen shots to be the most useful for the primary reason that it is easy to update / correct. Videos must be remade everytime something changes, and that just does not happen.


Documentation - step by step

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I think where documentation would help the most is details of creating subthemes and modifying the specific items (e.g. zones and regions, creating new media queries, that sort of thing).

Agree absolutely - details - step by step how to modify or actually create a simple themed site would be most appreciated.

For those of us who don't work with Drupal day in and day out, what is easy for those who do, is not so easy for those of us who don't.

Thanks, H

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