Meetup anyone?

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Hey, I'm currently preparing a Drupal 7 theming talk for the Chicago group and would be happy to present that, or just get together to meet some of you. I'm going to be on Oahu from 9/28-10/19.


I would be interested in a

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I would be interested in a Drupal 7 Theming talk!

I have only done a few sites in D7 and would love to here what you have to present.

I'm always down for a meetup!

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I'm always down for a meetup! Just lmk when and where, I'll see you all there!


ig: @thejaspher
tw: @jaspher

Need a venue?

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I think that's an awesome idea! If you need a place to hold it, ING Cafe in Waikiki has been very accommodating for Drupal events.

Meetup on October 1st

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The meetup will be Saturday, October 1st, at ING Direct Cafe. Here's more info: