December Amarillo Meetup

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2008-12-10 16:00 - 18:00 America/Chicago
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User group meeting

December Amarillo Drupal Meetup

Note: this is at 4:00 pm this time. Hopefully that sneaks this in right between your work day and your evening activities. Drupal definitely fits for me at the crossroads of work and fun!

There is no set agenda yet. If there are specific things you are interested in or have some specific questions, please post a comment here, or email me. If there is nothing else specific, it's always great to simply hear about each others recent Drupal experiences. Hope to see you there!


Followup notes

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We set up a view, and used a little CCK. It was very basic, just to demonstrate the functionality. We created a page that listed all stories on the site, and exposed a filter to let the user filter by the rating of the node. We used table format at first, and allowed sorting by "credits" which was a field we added. We switched to list view, and grouped by rating.

A couple of other modules that we looked at are notifications and messaging.

A book was recently published by Oreilly, written by the Lullabot team. "Using Drupal"
Free chapter download here:
or here:

Buy direct from Oreilly. Use coupon code DRUP4 for a 40% discount.

Todd mentioned a great bookstore in Denver, called SoftPro. They specialize in technical books. He recommends calling and asking for recommendations. Sounds like they're part technical counselors and part salespeople. "THIS is the book you need."

Also mentioned about Oreilly Safari Books. Great resource especially for when you're traveling, and need access to a book that you didn't want to lug on the plane with you.

For the next meetup, I'm thinking we should do more of a real presentation. Any suggestions as to a topic would be very welcome. I'm thinking something along the lines of:
- "How to build a great photo gallery in 30 minutes"
- "From XHTML to a finished theme in one evening"

So basically, doing something practical, not just theoretics and tinkerings.

And finally, consider attending DrupalCon DC. I'm going! (Well, I still need to get travel and lodging arranged. Any suggestions?)