The images are not displayed on the page

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Hi Guys,

I am very new in using Drupal, i am trying to use the theme Acquia Marina but the images are not showing on the page.

Any one have an ideia about what is happening ?




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Do you have the Fusion base theme enabled? All Acquia themes use it.

Thanks matthand, i have

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Thanks matthand, i have enabled the fusion core, start and start lite

Its ok ?

Which images are you

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Which images are you referring to? If it's graphics within the theme (background images, icons, etc.) it's possible you may have some permissions problems with the theme files on your server. Also, can't hurt to try clearing the site's cache - that's a good first step when you're having any issue in Drupal.

Hi Sheena. I am having the

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Hi Sheena. I am having the same issue. I have tried what you have suggested but still no luck. If this helps, when I clock the Gear Icon next to the menu I wish to style, there are no options to style the menu at all. All I get are the sections - Block Specific Settings (Block Title), User Specific Visibility Settings (Hide or show the block), Role Specific Visibility Settings, Page Specific Visibility Settings.

And then the Save Block button.

Yes I am also having this

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Yes I am also having this problem. I have tried everything including the cache, but still I have no styling options available to me and hence I have no menus or icons. My site is here if you need to see what I mean

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Do you have Skinr installed?

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Do you have Skinr installed? If so, you might want to check the permissions for your role and make sure you are allowed to edit skin settings.