Dries comes to Singapore - Planning a meetup for november

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Dries Buytaert will be here in Singapore 3rd November - let's plan a meetup.
There were already plans for a meetup on 1st November so let's move it to the 3rd.

Venue? We should find one that can fit 50-80 people as we may get a substantial crowd
Food? Can we find a sponsor for fingerfood?
Invites? Should we invite anybody or any business sector?

Program? I guess Dries want to deliver a State of Drupal presentation, and should we also have a few other small presentations?


I would like to give a small

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I would like to give a small presentation on "drupal for rapid prototyping and development framework" as that's what I'm working with most of the time these days

John Albin Wilkins

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For what it's worth, John Albin Wilkins (http://drupal.org/user/32095) lives in Taipei, Taiwan. He's a top Drupal contributor and often makes presentation on the Drupal Theming layer. Perhaps you can make it a combo presentation event that would make it worth travelling for from outside Singapore.

for us

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As drupal enthusiasts and representing general public/the laity of drupal, and I speak for everyone .....we'd like to see presentations from svenryen, johnalbin, or dries himself about Drupal in more broader picture.

From perspective of users (personal/individual, corporate, developers), expectations (what the future will be), and how drupal can change the world ... maybe?

Nov 3 still on? where?

my motto: I'm not a programmer, but I love Drupal!


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Do we have an electronic flyer that we can start to distribute about the event? Then we can all send that through our different networks. I'll be happy to target the traditional publishers and media companies in my addressbook.

Flyer coming

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Hi! I'm still waiting for clarification from the last catering sponsor, and assuming that all fits together, we can go ahead - I'm also really eager to blast this out.

Here's finally the flyer for

Nice. Can't wait to see guys.

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Nice. Can't wait to see you guys there!