Distributions Code Sprint @ BADCamp

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2011-10-21 13:30 - 17:30 America/Los_Angeles
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Join us at BADCamp 2011 to sprint on Drupal distributions and the tools used to build them, such as Drush make.

We'll be starting in the chx Coder Lounge, but of course coding can continue 24/7 through the camp (and afterwards)!

Sign up and leave a comment if you'd like to share what you plan to work on!


Commons & COD

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I plan to sprint on the Commons and COD distributions, and I'm interested in the development going on with Drush make!

Family History

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I'm planning on working on my Family history distro but am willing to be pulled away to work on more core distro tools if someone wants help.

Kyle Mathews

Don't forget to signup

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Excellent! Don't forget to signup for the event :).

btw, the event time is messed

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btw, the event time is messed up.

Kyle Mathews

Time fixed

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Indeed - Should be fixed now. Thanks!

Hmm, since I tweeted about

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Hmm, since I tweeted about it, I think I'll start planning a simple Fill PDF-based distribution to see if it looks feasible. If not, I'll just work on the finance system I had started and was considering turning into a distribution once finished.

WizOne Solutions - http://www.wizonesolutions.com - Drupal module development, theme implementation, and more
Fill PDF Service - http://fillpdf-service.com - Hosted solution for Fill PDF

I'll be around at BADCamp

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I'll be at BADCamp and I will try and meet up to help in some way. I really appreciate using COD and hopefully I can find some way to help out.

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