Add Listen Again Facility to Drupal 7 Site

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I am very new to Drupal and am looking for some help/advice.

I have helped to setup a website for my community radio station and would like to add a "listen again" facility for our shows.

Our website is

Any advice offered will be greatly appreciated!


Try the Station module and the Archive sub-module.

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I would suggest you take a look at the Station module and the sub-module Archive. If you station has a web stream it will record the stream and save the programs that you have marked as being allowed to be saved to the station archive. This would allow you listeners to listen again.

Don't forget to look into the copyright issue and see if the material that is being recorded is OK copyright-wise for an internet archive.



Station Module

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Many thanks for your reply!

Does this module work with Drupal 7?

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Sorry at this time there is not a version for Drupal 7.

However, I do remember someone saying that they were planing working on a Drupal 7 version.



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We went a different route but may revisit in the future.

Help with Streamripper

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Hi Again

I have created a drupal 6 website and installed the station module but am struggling with installing the streamripper program. Do you know if there's anywhere online that can help me with this?


How did you add the live

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How did you add the live audio streaming onto your website? I'm building a online internet radio website and I need to embed the live streaming audio into a block like what you have on your website.. please help

Live Audio Streaming

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I didn't actually build this part of the site but I know it was done via - if your station is listed on there then they can provide you with the necessary code to add a similar block.

Soory I'm not of much use.

Have you seen the station documentation?

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I have not done this and do not know of a good guide, however I have seen things here in the Radio group that give hints of how to set it up. Also take a look at the settings for the station module.

My basic understanding of how it works is this (never having done it). You need to have a shoutcast stream (maybe other types too, but I am not sure) The information about where to listen to that stream needs to be entered into the station module settings. My guess is in the settings for the archive module.

Then you need to setup a program schedule. Make it the default in the settings as I believe the archive module uses the schedule marked as default to know what to record.

As you set up each scheduled airing time for the programs you will see a check box that says something like: "Allow this program to be saved to the station archive?" The box is checked by default.

I just did a walk backwards through the Radio Group. Keep going back. Some of the info you will need is there. There are only 7 pages of topics to look through.

Also did you click the link on the station module page under Resources it is titled Read documentation. It will take you to the station module documentation page.

This is probably the best documentation you will find on station at the moment.