Menus, Icons (pictures) , Styles not available to me in Acquia Marina

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OK I have installed the latest versions of all Acquia Marina, Sknir and Fusion Core but am unable to style my menus as it says I should in the documentation and screenshots I've seen.

I've been trying to fix this for a few hours now and am at my wits end. If anybody could be kind enough to take a look at my installation at and give me any advice as to why my menus look so basic and iconless, I would be extremely grateful.

Many thanks



Changed themes?

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I see you changed themes...
Do you still want to go back to the Acquia Marina one?

May God Be With You

Why do you have a solution?

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Why do you have a solution?

Using Skinr

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If I understand correctly, you wanted to skin the menu link blocks you created ("COMING SOON", ...), and have them appear with an icon.
To do that:

  • Enable Contextual Link from the Core Modules;
  • Browse to a page containing the block (home page, for instance);
  • Hover over the block, and click on the "gear" icon;
  • Click on Edit skin and not Configure Block;
  • You should be able to work your magic there.

Of course, let me know if it doesn't work for you.

May God Be With You

FYI, these instructions are

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FYI, these instructions are for Drupal 7, from what I can tell, it looks like @Bunderson's site is on Drupal 6.

@Bunderson - if you are using

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@Bunderson - if you are using Drupal 6 and using your primary menu as a block, then you will not get the default primary menu styling. You need to disable that block and enable the default primary menu in your theme settings.

You can find out more by reading the Fusion documentation at

The page named "Adding Content" includes a section on menus and the page named "Styling Content" goes over the steps necessary to apply Skinr styles to elements. Also, the FAQ could be very helpful:

Styles for blocks and <ul> bullets

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I seem to be having the same issue. This is a drupal 7 revision of a current drupal 6 site. I am rebuilding from scratch. Loved the icons, colors and layout of the old theme - many compliments! But I cannot seem to get the blocks to appear with the images (e.g. chalkboard) and the icons as bullets in unordered lists. Contextual Links is enabled...I see the "gear" but there is no choice to "edit skin".

At one part of the installation process, I recall finding a settings page where you could choose the icons and bullets. Can't find it now.

John E Brandt

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