Station Module: Details on how to set-up Station/Archive Audio with XMLRPC a separate site for archiving?

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We have been using the Station and Audio modules for years on Drupal 5 and just migrated to Drupal 6. We use the audio archive module and works fine. We need to off load our archived audio (aka podcasts) to another server with a lot of storage (our Dreamhost) while keeping our main web server on an EC2 instance and keep our costs down.

I have been trying to find instructions:

1) What is the architecture on how to set-up Station Archive in a way that a secondary location actually captures and stores the audio captures (podcasts) per the Station Schedule maintained on the main server. Is this secondary server a limited install of Drupal and the Station, Audio, Views, ID3 etc?
2). How to point the main site links for the archived audio (podcasts)
3). The instructions talk about configuring XMLRPC yet I have yet to find any details on where/how. Do I need to install the XMLRPC services module?
4). Do both sites point to the same database? If not, is it a manual process when the schedule or configuration in the Station modules change on the main site location?

I have been digging through some of the posts on this forum and there have been references to this set-up yet not a lot of detail.


Thank you.



As far as I'm aware (and I

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As far as I'm aware (and I tried to do this) there is no solution where all the audio is stored on a different system - only where it is ripped on a different system.

You may want to experiment with SSHFS or similar...

I have not done this but...

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I have not done this but have worked quite a bit with the station module. Check out this screenshot of /admin/settings/station/main

Look at the Sub-module integration and the Station Archive Remote URL. This may give you an idea what you need to do.

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My guess is you need another drupal install and that on it you run the archive module to actually connect to your webstream that will record and then archive it. This setting some how integrates the remote archive into the main drupal install.

I too would be interested in what you find out about XMLRPC and the configuration thereof.



I have all the station

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I have all the station modules enabled on the same server so I do not have the Station Archive remote URL option. I get that part now.

So my question is: If I set up a remote server, is it independent from a database perspective?

If so, how do I keep any scheduling adds/changes/removals in-sync with the main server?

Thank you.