Kit Compliance for theme regions and the Open App Standard

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Just installed OpenPublic for the first time to review its implementation of the OpenApps standard. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but technically speaking, the fact that it's using an Omega-based theme precludes Kit compliance, as Omega doesn't use Kit-compliant theme regions.

I'm guessing that a lot of folks a lot more informed than me have already noticed this. What's the current thinking on theme regions and block placement for Features/Apps? What's folks' thinking about the use of the Delta module in Features/Apps?



I wrote the regions module to

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I wrote the regions module to allow for cross theme / kit compliance. This way you can have a feature that implements regions and defines its own region as part of the experience. Kit compliant themes is a good thing but regions can help account for things that might not make sense in a theme like overlays. Elms implements three regions with its distribution to remain cross theme compliant and its features should be cross system compliant too as a result.


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How would this work with a more complex theme, such as Omega? Moreover, how would it work with the Delta module? Just curious.

I'm not sure but I don't

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Links were dead; Regions module is still alive to help make this happen. D6 and D7 versions have been used in production.

Kit Compliance outdated for Drupal themes...

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According to the latest version of Kit (at least what is posted on D.O) is completely outdated, and imho wrong.


2. Regions
In order to ensure interoperability with kitf-compliant features, a theme should
implement the following regions:

- content: The main page content region.
- left: The lefthand sidebar.
- right: The righthand sidebar.

Region names like left and right make us front end "experts" very sad inside... just because a region is named something doesn't mean that should truly imply it's positioning.

Notice that even Drupal core now names the "main" regions content, sidebar_first, and sidebar_second... this is the approach Omega adopted for ALL the region groups.

left and right assumes that those are on the left and right of something, and that is a HORRIBLE oversight. So relying on Kit compliance 100% at this point (until that spec is updated with current standards) is a bit of a moot point.

I took a look at the Kit "spec" when it was originally released, and thought it was a great idea, however, since it hasn't been updated in 2 years, I think either A.) someone needs to come along and update it, or there should be a new and relevant standard to adhere to for features/themes. I don't think there's much of a point in discussing something that far outdated.

And if I'm missing something, and there is a new version that I haven't seen... if so, please let me know!

agreed; spirit is correct,

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agreed; spirit is correct, language is dated. It has a new maintainer and the discussion is starting back up again as how best to proceed. Adding these points to this discussion could help push it that direction --

Most of the people I know involved are developers first (me included) so it would be very beneficial to have theme developer opinions tossed in there, especially around region naming convention.