Drupal process meetup Amsterdam

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2012-01-27 19:00 - 2012-01-29 14:00 Europe/Brussels

January 27-28-29 I'm organizing a follow up of the Drupal CXO days in Amsterdam. The event will again be sponsored by Microsoft (special thanks go to Michaela Kraft who organized the venue and the budget for the meetup).

This meetup aims to facilitate peer-to-peer learning about business processes between leadership of Drupal shops. What are the best practices? What kind of processes do you need? How do you grow from a entrepreneur centered culture to a process driven culture?

I'm really excited about this meetup and I think that the focus on processes should give us ample opportunity to explore more in depth some of the biggest questions many of us are facing. We already have 36 people signed up for a total of 60 places so if you would like to participate be quick!

Signup at http://process.drupaldays.org/user/register

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