Consulting and Business

A group for consultants and businesses that work with Drupal. You are encourage to also join the consulting mailing list on

For consultants: project manager, consultant, or developer -- you use Drupal to solve business requirements.

For businesses: you've built your business using the Drupal framework, be it hosting, a social networking website, a newspaper, or a fantastic new Web 2.0 app.

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Paying for the Plumbing: Snowball initiative for a Drupal crowdfunding platform

Ever wanted a place where you could simply offer to pay to get something you need in Drupal done?

Please donate to make that place. (Yes, it's using a different crowdfunding platform, one that really lacks features for coordination, but is passing on all money raised -- if we reach the minimum -- without even deducting credit card fees.)

And spread this link! Is there enough interest in community funding of Drupal software to fund the software to coordinate this-- in just a few days? Also, if you are available to work on this project in DrupalCon Denver, we've got a DrupalCon ticket for you! Or if you're interested in working on this later, contact me for that, too!

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Looking for someone with experience in Drupal 8


We are looking for a freelancer who can provide support for a Drupal 8 project in development. We would need to see examples of Drupal 8 sites you have built or verify that you are a contributor (or module maintainer) who has experience with Drupal 8.

Please let me know if you are interested.

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"DrupalCon Exposed" The Open Mic Podcast, Episode 3

The third episode of The Open Mic podcast is out now and available for download here -

The hosts discuss their experiences at past DrupalCons, and what they expect from 2016.

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New Drupal Podcast! Episode 2 of The Open Mic

Check out the second episode of The Open Mic, a biweekly Drupal podcast about all things from open source to project management and more.

This week's podcast discusses developer environments and the variety of tools available when making websites -

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Drupal company on Clutch’s Top Developers List

Hey guys, we would like to share with you our pleasant news. Our company InternetDevels was included into annual rating of 12 Top Web and Software Developers in Ukraine, recently announced by Clutch, experienced US researcher of world’s IT industry. We were the only Drupal developer on the list, by the way.

InternetDevels is almost 8 years old, and during last two years we have been developing our scores in order to meet the most demanding customer’s expectations. In particular, we:

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DruDesk: a brand-new Drupal support service by your old friends!

Greetings to all Drupal community!

We have some amazing news for you to know! We are giving rise to web development services of a brand-new type by launching our own website support service called DruDesk. It relies on 7 years of experience of InternetDevels Company.

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iCrossing website Re-brand

I am happy to announced that our project re brand is live now. Should we put a snapshot to showcase page?

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How to fetch Views total number of records in page.tpl.php before views.tpl called.

See this image for more understanding.

I want to fetch Views total number of records in page.tpl.php before views.tpl called. Is it possible to fetch that row total before views rendered? I am also using contextual filter for this view. Views have page type display.

I have also used module but this will print total number of records on Views header or footer. (Not outside of views)

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Drupal: Which Acquia Certification (out of 4)? For Whom?

I have checked Aquia site here( and found there are four types of certification.

Acquia Certified Developer Exam
Acquia Certified Developer-Back End Specialist Exam
Acquia Certified Developer-Front End Specialist Exam
Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder Exam
But which certification Team Leam/Project Manager should do? Why this four certification? Who should do which certification? Can anyone explain. Do I need to all four certification?

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Seeking a backend developer

CoLab Cooperative is seeking a backend Drupal developer for an active project.

You will be responsible for site config and backend development support. You should be comfortable with feature-based development, content type configuration, panels setup and update hooks used to script the deployment.


  • Part-time, contract position
  • 20 hours per week through the end of May (6 weeks)


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How big is the Drupal market?

Hey, guys. How are you?

I am Brazilian and I have a Drupal Shop. I'm studying new strategies of action for my business outside Brazil. The question is: How can I measure the size of the Drupal market in the US and Europe? Where can I find informations about community growth, growth of Drupal Shops, acquisitions, investments etc?

Thanks in advance.

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Aggregator Module Extension | consultant

Employment type: 

We need some help building a small module that will build an RSS block by implementing hook_aggregator_fetch so the URL will change dynamically with the page.

Let us know your time estimates and preferred payment methods.

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Drupal Developer/Engineer | NBCU 15545

Employment type: 
Not allowed

Title: Drupal Developer/Engineer
Duration: 12+ Months
Location: New York City NY 10112

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Sales Account Executive | Trellon

Employment type: 
Full time

Trellon is a leading provider of open source solutions for non-profits, NGO and academic organizations. We are working together to deliver outstanding websites for organizations with missions that matter. We are seeking a Sales Account executive focused on identifying new businesses opportunities and acting on leads from our existing pipeline.

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Sponsor a site for developers and consultants

Dear Community Members,

The Source Exchange is looking for sponsors and hosting.

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Drupal Database Development

The percona-query-digest tool is excellent at tracking down queries that kill performance. The queries can be re-written on modified schemas with better indexes and you're golden. Once that's done you need to institure some healthy happy ways to avoid the problem continuing to recur through a little education and some development routines.

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Backend Drupal Developer (telecommute okay) -- THIS POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED -- | Drupal Connect

Employment type: 
Full time
Employment type: 
Part time
Employment type: 

We are looking for a backend Drupal developer. Here are some of the skills that we would ideally be looking for. -- THIS POSITION HAS BEEN FILLED --

Third-party companies will be ignored.

• Understanding of standard security practices and regulations
• Experience with either the Workbench or the Workflow module.
• Have written a custom module for a merchant gateway is a plus.
• Performance and Scalability
• Knows how to make a website fast and capable of standing up to N number of requests per second.

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2014-10-14 14:00 - 18:30 Europe/London
Event type: 
Related event (ie. not Drupal specific)

Join Appnovation for a free networking event October 14th at Google London. Enjoy complimentary appetizers & drinks as you hear from our special guests from Disney and General Dynamics UK, as well as our key OS Initiative partners Alfresco, Google, Acquia, and Mulesoft.

This event is part of the Appnovation OS Initiative to enable Enterprise customers to learn about and take advantage of Open Source technologies. The presentations will focus on how integrating Open Source technologies into your architecture can help your business succeed

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Developer | Sander-Martijn

Employment type: 

NOTE: I have put together a team and am currently staffed for this. If that changes I will return and edit again.

Drupal developer looking for immediate help on a large project.

I'm working on a large social networking site (actually a series of them) and I have gotten behind, largely because it's a much more significant undertaking than I expected. I'm looking for another freelancer who can jump in right away and help me catch up. Depending on how it goes it could be anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

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QA/Testing Lead (telecommute OK) | Mediacurrent

Employment type: 
Full time

Ready to take the next step in your career? Mediacurrent is a digital agency that has a specialized focus and outstanding reputation in Drupal. We have a proven track record of helping some of the most recognizable brands and organizations in the world adopt an open-source software based web strategy. We are revolutionizing how companies like The Weather Channel ( think about the web.

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