Consulting and Business

A group for consultants and businesses that work with Drupal. You are encourage to also join the consulting mailing list on

For consultants: project manager, consultant, or developer -- you use Drupal to solve business requirements.

For businesses: you've built your business using the Drupal framework, be it hosting, a social networking website, a newspaper, or a fantastic new Web 2.0 app.

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Hiring for Senior Drupal Developer in London

Hi I'm looking to hire a Senior Drupal Developer in London for an international online education business working on their core sites. They have a global reach with their product offering and currently operate from 6 offices with around 250 staff. It's a fully rounded role including PHP and front end development in a small development team - please feel free to take a look at the spec online and let me know if you're interested :) > You'll need to be eligible to work in the UK for this role.

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Call for Sessions: Design 4 Drupal, Boston 23-25 JUNE 2017 at MIT

Open for Sessions Submit your talk here.

Design 4 Drupal, Boston is an annual web design event covering all aspects of design, UX, & theming for Drupal websites.

Back at MIT this year! MIT Stata Center at in Kendall Square, Cambridge, MA.

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DrupalCamp London 2017 is coming! 3-5 Mar 2017 @ City University of London

DrupalCamp London is five years old in 2017! Be part of one of the largest DrupalCamps in the world!

DrupalCamp London is celebrating its 5th anniversary with what is scheduled to be the best Camp ever! Already the largest DrupalCamp in Europe, and one of the largest in the world, we are lining up the most informative CxO day event, keynote speakers, sessions, training, sprints and social events. Come and be part of the anniversary event and sign up today! (Early bird pricing ends Jan 2017). And if you’re considering it - go ahead and submit a session, volunteer for a sprint, or sponsor the Camp now!

DrupalCamp London is an international technology event bringing together people who use, develop, design and support the Drupal platform and those thinking about joining the Drupal community.

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European Drupal Business Days Frankfurt 2017

2017-05-18 09:00 - 2017-05-20 17:00 Europe/Berlin
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

The Drupal Business Days is a top-notch event for business leaders. A gathering of CXOs, business managers, marketing managers and delivery managers as well as leaders and decision makers from businesses who are end-users of Drupal.

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Drupal Business & Community Days 2017, Heidelberg

2017-07-14 09:00 - 2017-07-16 13:00 UTC
Event type: 
Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

The Drupal Business and Community Days will bring both elements together, in a unique format.

After our success with last year's DrupalBCDays, we are doing it all again in Heidelberg on the weekend of 14-16 July 2017.

The Business Track is intended for business owners, project managers and freelancers who are German speakers. The language of the Business Track will be German.

The Community Track will be in classic Drupal Camp format, with Sessions and Sprints.
It will have attendees from all over the world. The language of the Community Track will be English.

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Liability as a Drupal Developer

Good day, all:

My company has been a provider of "traditional" software development for the past 30 years. However, Drupal development - or any other CMS work - has not been a focus of the company, despite the fact that we have extensive coding resources both in-house and out, we manage a significant array of servers in our Orlando data center, and we have a number of local clients (potential Drupal prospects) to whom we provide IT support services.

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Drupal Career Online

2016-09-26 12:30 - 2016-12-15 16:30 America/New_York
Event type: 
Training (free or commercial)

If you want to learn Drupal, or have one or more developers or site administrators that need to get up to speed with Drupal, Drupal Career Online is the best way to ensure training up with expert instruction, expansive learning resources, and a curriculum that emphasizes best practices.

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Trouble integrating Taleo API and Drupal 8

I currently have a drupal 6 website that has integration of taleo, pulling in jobs by state, a simple search, job detail pages, and job details via api. I am upgrading the site to drupal 8 due to security issues and am having a difficult time trying to reporpuse the module. I tried upgrading the module to drupal 7 so i could then move it into 8, but it is not working at all in 7.

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Looking for someone with experience in Drupal 8


We are looking for a freelancer who can provide support for a Drupal 8 project in development. We would need to see examples of Drupal 8 sites you have built or verify that you are a contributor (or module maintainer) who has experience with Drupal 8.

Please let me know if you are interested.

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"DrupalCon Exposed" The Open Mic Podcast, Episode 3

The third episode of The Open Mic podcast is out now and available for download here -

The hosts discuss their experiences at past DrupalCons, and what they expect from 2016.

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New Drupal Podcast! Episode 2 of The Open Mic

Check out the second episode of The Open Mic, a biweekly Drupal podcast about all things from open source to project management and more.

This week's podcast discusses developer environments and the variety of tools available when making websites -

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Drupal company on Clutch’s Top Developers List

Hey guys, we would like to share with you our pleasant news. Our company InternetDevels was included into annual rating of 12 Top Web and Software Developers in Ukraine, recently announced by Clutch, experienced US researcher of world’s IT industry. We were the only Drupal developer on the list, by the way.

InternetDevels is almost 8 years old, and during last two years we have been developing our scores in order to meet the most demanding customer’s expectations. In particular, we:

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DruDesk: a brand-new Drupal support service by your old friends!

Greetings to all Drupal community!

We have some amazing news for you to know! We are giving rise to web development services of a brand-new type by launching our own website support service called DruDesk. It relies on 7 years of experience of InternetDevels Company.

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iCrossing website Re-brand

I am happy to announced that our project re brand is live now. Should we put a snapshot to showcase page?

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How to fetch Views total number of records in page.tpl.php before views.tpl called.

See this image for more understanding.

I want to fetch Views total number of records in page.tpl.php before views.tpl called. Is it possible to fetch that row total before views rendered? I am also using contextual filter for this view. Views have page type display.

I have also used module but this will print total number of records on Views header or footer. (Not outside of views)

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Drupal: Which Acquia Certification (out of 4)? For Whom?

I have checked Aquia site here( and found there are four types of certification.

Acquia Certified Developer Exam
Acquia Certified Developer-Back End Specialist Exam
Acquia Certified Developer-Front End Specialist Exam
Acquia Certified Drupal Site Builder Exam
But which certification Team Leam/Project Manager should do? Why this four certification? Who should do which certification? Can anyone explain. Do I need to all four certification?

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Seeking a backend developer

CoLab Cooperative is seeking a backend Drupal developer for an active project.

You will be responsible for site config and backend development support. You should be comfortable with feature-based development, content type configuration, panels setup and update hooks used to script the deployment.


  • Part-time, contract position
  • 20 hours per week through the end of May (6 weeks)


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How big is the Drupal market?

Hey, guys. How are you?

I am Brazilian and I have a Drupal Shop. I'm studying new strategies of action for my business outside Brazil. The question is: How can I measure the size of the Drupal market in the US and Europe? Where can I find informations about community growth, growth of Drupal Shops, acquisitions, investments etc?

Thanks in advance.

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Drupal Learning Academy

The Instant Solutions Academy:

Here is great opportunity who want to learn website development online.

We provide professional website development learning classes. There are two major sections of this course.

1) Front End Designing. This includes :

Duration : 12 sessions
Fee : FREE
Session Duration : 1 hour

2) Server Side Programming . This includes :

Contents : PHP,MYSQL
Duration : 12 sessions
Fee : FREE
Session Duration : 1 hour

To join : [i][n][f][o][@]theinstantsolutions[.][c][o][m] , omit [ and ]

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Aggregator Module Extension | consultant

Employment type: 

We need some help building a small module that will build an RSS block by implementing hook_aggregator_fetch so the URL will change dynamically with the page.

Let us know your time estimates and preferred payment methods.

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